Fantasyland: MUSE Complete (1000+ pages)
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Gonzo Studios brings you the complete story of MUSE: A FANTASYLAND TALE. Over 1,000 pages of character driven monster sex fun. Contains all the episodes from MUSE (Minor plot spoilers below)

Muse: Part One (139 pages) Let me introduce you to Jade, the wife of the high priest of the Temple of Zeus, who has aspirations to be the greatest writer in the history of Fantasyland. The trouble is she is suffering from the worst case of writers block. When her friend Kendra tells her about her wild and kinky lifestyle, Jade's conservative views are questioned and she realises that maybe to find the inspiration she needs, she may have to take a walk on the wild side.

Muse: Part Two: (257 pages) We catch back up with Jade in the morning after the erotic dream about the kinky monster cinema, sparked by Kendra's story. After a routine shopping trip takes an unexpected turn, Jade finds herself sinking deeper into temptation with a taste of what monster sex would be really like. In the evening, when the art exhibition she has arranged turns out to be not quite as expected, she meets Calli and fate lands her in the last place she thought she would be... Doing something she said she wouldn't. Without getting in to too many spoilers, in this episode we catch up with Jades journey with some dickgirl action, some experimenting with monster dildos and we end with a threesome involving girl-girl, monster-girl-girl and monster-girl action as well as an unprotected creampie.

Muse: Part Three (244 Pages) The corruption of jade continues as she deals with the aftermath of the kinky night in the artists studio. Finally having broken through her writers block she starts her book, but when fate draws her back to the studio, she discovers that the clubs of New Vegas has much more of offer than dancing. Then she finally comes clean to her husband about the kinky book she is now writing... and his reaction isn't quite like she expected.

Muse: Part Four (222 Pages)  When her husband Mikes starts acting a bit weird, Jade follows him to a club where it turns out he gets up to some rather naughty things. After an accident at the clubs leaves Jade potentially pregnant with a demon child, her friend Calli takes her to a special spa pool where some tentacles may be the solution to her problem. After that, we get some Jade/Callli lesbian sex and finish with both Jade and Mike coming clean to each other about their monster sex fantasies.

Muse: Part Five (247 Pages) In the final part of MUSE: A Fantasyland Tale we visit Jade on the morning after she and her husband finally admitted they both have some pretty kinky fantasies about had having sex with Demons. When Jade meets with Kendra for a morning gym session that turns into an epic workout in more ways than she had planned. Then later that day Jade, Kendra and their husbands head to a special Spa, where Colin gets lap dance from Kendra, Jade and Kendra have some special strap on fun and then finally Colin gets to watch as Jade is fucked by a demon right in front of him.

We finish the story with what happens with the book Jade was writing and a sneak peak into will be appearing in the next two Gonzo Studios Fantasyland Series (come soon spoilers of what is to come in the news broadcast)



Part 1 - 139 high-quality pages in PDF format

Part 2 - 257 high-quality pages in PDF format

Part 3 - 244 high-quality pages in PDF format

Part 4 - 222 high-quality pages in PDF format

Part 5 - 247 high-quality pages in PDF format



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Fantasyland: MUSE Complete (1000+ pages)

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By: Gonzo Studios

Let me introduce you to Jade, the wife of the high priest of the Temple of Zeus, who has aspirations to be the greatest writer in the history of Fantasyland.


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