Fantasyland Kendra Collection 2


PART THREE (part 2)
119 page illustrated story
Kendra and her husband go to a club to watch a monster sex performance, but an accident leads them to an underground club where Kendra will be the one performing.
163 page illustrated story (inc short episode recap)
After the crazy night at the monster sex club Kendra's husband takes some drastic and unorthodox measures to help cure his  growing insecurity complex, regarding Kendra's growing addition to monster sex.
Then, after a pleasant surprise at work Kendra finds herself staring in a kinky sex tape designed to propel her client Drax into the number one position of the music charts.
The busy day finally comes to an end with a  other trip to a monster sex club, but now things are a little different, as this time her husband is the one with the giant monster cock.
132 page illustrated story (inc short episode recap)
Kendra's erotic journey finally comes to an end in part 5 of her story, as all the pieces finally fall into place landing Kendra in an erotic encounter in her office, a kinky fantasy told to her husband and then a crazy monster orgy at a party... Saying anymore would give away key points of the story and i don't want to spoil it for you. Let's just say there are three awesome sexual encounters and Kendra finally getting revenge on her asshole of a high elf boss.



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Fantasyland Kendra Collection 2

SKU: 64774
By: Gonzo Studios

Kendra Collection (Part Two) A Fantasyland Story by Gonzo Studios. 400+ pages of modern fantasy action! Includes: Episodes 3.2, 4 & 5 Note: I split episode 3 over collection 1 and 2 to balance things out.


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