Fantasyland Skye's Story Complete 600 pages
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Welcome to Fantasyland Skye's Story.
You probably have questions... let me help.

What the hell is a Fantasyland?
It's the Gonzo Studios storytelling universe, it's just like the modern world, just with fantasy creatures, think elves with cell phones, orc street gangs, and demonic crime bosses.
OK, awesome, so what's this over 600-page story about?
Skye Pt1 110+ pages
We meet our main character who is having a washing machine nightmare, that lands her in the basement laundry room of her apartment building.  There she meets Jack an Orc who's just over in.  After a nasty encounter in an alleyway, Skye starts to have crazy fantasies about Jack that start her on a journey of erotic discovery.
Skye Pt2 130+ pages
Welcome back to Fantasyland, we left Skye with some pretty hardcore orc sex fantasies and her husband out of town.
Will she give into temptation and let her fantasies become reality? 
Skye Pt3 170+ pages
We catch up with Skye the morning after the night before as her husband Tom arrives home.  Then a surprise discovery changes Skye's life forever as she finds herself drawn back to the Green Machine, but this time things are different.
Skye Pt4 200+ pages
We pick up with Skye the day after her erotic web show for her husband... how will he react when he gets home, and what new direction will it send them?  I'm not going to put too much about the story as I don't want to give spoilers... but there is definitely lots of monster sex.
What makes this different from other internet comics?

'Skye' is set in the Gonzo Studios Fantasyland universe, we're not just creating two-dimensional sex objects with no soul, we are going for fully developed characters, situations, and storylines.
What’s Included:
600+ page illustrated story in PDF format over 4 episodes



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Fantasyland Skye's Story Complete 600 pages

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By: Gonzo Studios

Welcome to Fantasyland Skye's Story, all 600 pages in one awesomely priced bundle.


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