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    MaxTron, KTdid, Vrshy, farconville, Freeone, and Centurion 3D!!

    5/2/2016 11:46:40 AM by FunFungi

    Good Morning! Another Monday has come around. At least we have some new products to get you through the day. Let’s see what’s in store…
    Tired of posing on land? Why not try posing under water? MaxTron’s “Underwater Sex Poses” are now in store! Hold your breath and dive in!
    Also new to the shop we have KTdid’s “Puffin”! Ready for your Genesis 3 Female character and if you thought this couldn’t get any better, it does! This product is FREE! Try it out!
    You’re going to want to sit down with this one. Vrshy’s “Huge Dickgirl Olivia Ep01” is available now. All 50 high quality images right at your fingertips!
    What’s this? Another great pose set by farconville? Get your Michael 7 couples the poses they deserve with “M7M7 SIZZLE”! Also, this product is on sale for a limited time so get crackin’!
    Freeone dropped by with “A Gen For Dusk, Masturbator, Poses, And Iray Material Set”! This is quite the set so be sure to check out all the details!
    Let’s end this one with a great new Comic! Centurion 3D is here with “Ring Girl Vs. The Junkyard Brawler”! Ready for you to view now!
    That’s it for today! Check back soon for more updates and have a great day!

    Blackadder, Stimuli, farconville, SFD, Supro, Chaosophia, and The Dude!!

    4/29/2016 10:18:18 AM by FunFungi

    We made it to Friday and it feels pretty pretty pretty good! We have a whole bunch of new products so let’s get crackin'!

    Starting things off right today with "After Midnight" by Blackadder. A series of 55 images featuring Gisela!

    Hey! If it's looping poses you're looking for, then Stimuli is your artist! Check out "Reigns For Genesis 2"! Compatible V4 and M4.

    Speaking of pose sets...our pal farconville has just released "M7M7 KAMASUTRA 2"! Composed of 12 poses for your Michael 7 lovers! Stretch before posing!

    "The Men - Shapes For Genesis 3 Male" by SFD is here to stay! This one comes with 6 different male shapes for your G3M characters AND is on sale for a limited time!

    Let's check out what kinds of image collections are available. Supro's "Krissy And The Minotaur" is out! 100 high quality images in PDF format. Tickle your fantasy bone!

    Also in the image collection department, check out The Dude's "Lust Unleashed 1"! Get your copy today!

    Let's end on Chaosophia's new one titled "A Dildo For All Pleasure For V4"! So many options to choose from! Get your V4 a new gift already!

    Phewf! What a bundle of joy! Enjoy these new products and have a great weekend. See you Monday!

    Midnite, SFD, KTdid, Barbarianbabes, X3Z, guhzcoituz, and The Dude!!

    4/27/2016 3:08:14 PM by FunFungi

    Wednesday has presented itself and just in time! We have a whole other set of products to show you! Check these out...

    First of all, Midnite is back in action with "Blowback Pt 11"! Huge set ready for the taking!

    SFD is here with "Texture Add On For RedLightZZ's Ouvert String For G3Males"! Get 16 new material presets with this one!

    Also, don't forget to check out "The Changing Room" by KTdid! Whether you need a place to change, or just a nice new scene The Changing Room is here for you!

    Back in action for round 5 we have Barbarianbabes "Babeworld Wrestling Match 5"! Let's get ready to rumble!

    "Elven Desires: Lost Innocence - Ruby" by X3Z is available too! Get 99 images of great fantasy!

    Finally the sliding morph you've all been waiting for! Check out guhzcoituz "BodyMorph For Genesis 3 Female" today!

    Last stop, The Dude's "The Ladies Of Lust Unleasehd"! A set of 50 high quality images right at your fingertips!

    There you have it! Another great day for products. Check back soon for more!

    Artist Spotlight: Wandrer

    4/26/2016 12:29:40 PM by Teronsuke

    We sat down with Renderotica content artist Wandrer and asked:
    Q) What was the most challenging image/product you have created OR wanted to create? 
    Trade-In part 1 was probably the most challenging as I hadn’t really figured out a good way to package up the illustrated story into a PDF that I liked.  There was a *lot* of experimentation both before and after that.  After that one, I worked out a better process that made for an easier-to-read PDF, that was also easier to lay out for me. 

    Check out the full interview inside!

    KTdid, Apocalypse 3DX, DarkDesire, MIKE1954, SynfulMindz, dravuor, and Hibbli3D!!

    4/25/2016 4:35:10 PM by FunFungi

    Monday is here and you know what that means! Time to shed a little light on some new products. Check this out...

    KTdid...did it again! A brand new dress to flow naturally on Genesis 3 Female when she swirls and twirls! "That Little Dress" is available today!

    Looking for some new poses? Apocalypse 3DX has you covered with their new 15 poses "Perfect Mate For V4 and John Doe Torso"! Ready for Daz Studio and Poser!

    Speaking of poses...we have more! DarkDesire's "Parasite Attack Set 04" has it all! Poses for Victoria 6 and matching poses with S'erpatha Xenotype 021.

    MIKE1954's "Hairy Armpits For Genesis 2 Female" is available now too! A great new hair prop for G2F's armpits! She's cold! Give her some hair!

    What's this? More poses! It's the week of poses! Check out "Lascivious Poses G3F/M" by SynfulMindz today! Get 40 poses in total.

    Looking for a gag to fit all your female characters? "The Perfect Gag" by dravuor will help you out with just that! Check their product to see all the figures it will fit!

    No we did not forget about your comic needs! "Knight Elayne - Cosplay" by Hibbli3D is here today! 50 images to tell a fantastic story!

    Here you go! Hope this gets you through the Monday blues! Until next time...

    2016 CGbytes Fantasy Contest Only 3 Days Left

    4/22/2016 5:51:40 PM by Teronsuke

    There's only 3 days left to get your renders submitted for our 2016 Fantasy contest!

    For all of you who wait till the last minute... it's that time!

    Barbarianbabes, KTdid, wikkidlester, dravuor, SFD, Epoch, and Xameva!!

    4/22/2016 2:36:01 PM by FunFungi

    Can you smell the sweet sweet scent of the weekend? I can! Let's check out what Friday has in store!

    Barbarianbabes dropped by with a very cool new prop! Check out their devilish product titled "Sexy Throne"! Ready for Poser 7+ and Victoria 4.

    Also in the shop we have "Undies" by KTdid! Out with the old in with the new!

    If it's comics you're looking for than you've come to the right place. We have wikkidlester here with "Phoebe Finnley's Bimbo-Rotic Journey Chapters 5-9"!

    We also have a great new sci fi collection by Epoch titled "Into Ruin"! Be sure to check this one out and install the required reader that comes with this product. Not to be missed!

    "3Delight MATs for "The Horse Girl" by dravuor is here too! Great to have more options for The Horse Girl right?? Can't go wrong.

    SFD's "Texture Add On for RedLightZZ's Mini String" is available too! Everyone love's options especially when it's on sale. But just for a limited time so be quick!

    Let's finish this one off with a classic! "Female Orgasm - Big One Poses for V4 and M4" by Xameva! Always a great pose pack!

    There you go! Have at it with these and we will be back Monday for more updates!

    RedLightZZ, Casualgrapher, Demon Deth, dravuor, SFD, and Morfium!!

    4/20/2016 9:48:42 AM by FunFungi

    Wednesday already? Well I won't keep you waiting! Check out all our new products:

    Let's kick things off today with a couple new ones by RedLightZZ! Stay safe with their brand new prop for your Genesis 3 Male characters titled "Condom For Genesis 3 Male Gen"! While you're at it, be sure to also pick up "GND Anastasia Clubwear ArmyDanZZ"! Both items are on sale for a limited time!

    What's next? Well let's see what comics are brewin'. Casualgrapher is here with "Lustragona: Lord of Desire"! A PDF comic with or without text! Take your pick!

    Keeping with the comics and art trend...we also have "Elaviel's Special Training" by Morfium! 130 images with 36 bonus images! You'll be entertained for hours, I tell ya!

    Moving along! Demon Deth has a new restraint prop for V4. Check out "Bindings"! Also feel free to use their compatible texture packs to apply to these cuffs! Woo!

    Looking for other restraints? Dravuor's "The Horse Girl - Construction Kit" is now available! Compatible with Genesis 2 Female! Giddy up!

    To finish things off today we have "Texture Add On for RedLightZZ's Vikings" by SFD! Change it up a bit why don't ya!

    Okay! That's it for today. Enjoy these products and your Wednesday! Until next time!

    Davo, Insane3D, Wikkidlester, Zuleyka, Xameva, and SFD!!

    4/18/2016 2:49:44 PM by FunFungi

    Got another big ol' product post for you!! Hope you like great products because that's what our artists are producing. What you want we got! Okay enough selling, I get it. Check out what's new:

    Davo has a bunch of great new items for us to play with. If you use Daz Studio, no problem! If you use Poser, no problem! Davo was generous enough to create a great product and expansion pack for both! Check out these brand new titles - "Arena Core Pack For Daz Studio 4.8+" paired with "Arena Expansion Pack 1 For Daz Studio 4.8+"! OR "Arena Core Pack for Poser 8+" paired with "Arena Expansion Pack 1 for Poser 8+"! Take your pick!

    If you're in store for some new comics then you're in the right place! Try out Insane3D's "Monster Thrillers". A 2 in 1 bundle of sci-fi fun!

    Wikkidlester is also back with another heavy hitter! Check out "Dippylark's Sillyriffic Starter Bundle"! This one is on sale for a limited time!

    What's that? More comics! Amazing! "Snow White and The Prince" by Zuleyka is out today!

    Okay let's see what Xameva has in store! "Female Orgasm - Big One Expressions For V4"! An explosive new expressions pack including 25 high quality female orgasm expression.

    And lastly, don't leave out SFD's great new "Texture Add On for HotJockZZ for G2 Males"! Choose from 9 new material presets!

    There you go! That's it that's all for today. Enjoy these new products and we will be back on Wednesday!

    lopriest, Layla, Chaosophia, Richabri, SynfulMindz, DarkDesire, and Xameva!!

    4/15/2016 3:18:33 PM by FunFungi

    We have an all-star cast this beautiful Friday afternoon! We have a whole bunch of new ones for ya so let's hop to it!

    Lopriest has a new comic titled "Tales from the FEL"! Explore 166 pages of the mind behind the story! Or I mean 166 pages of the get it!

    We also have some brand new expressions by the one and only Layla! Dive into "She's The Boss Facial Expressions" for your Genesis 3 Female characters today!

    Following with something a little similar with a brand new pose set by Chaosophia! "Seductive Allure Poses For V4" is ready to go for all you Poser users!

    Moving right along we have "Bathroom Accessories Set" by Richabri. We love Richabri sets and we know you do too!

    SynfulMindz has a new couple pose set! "Love Me Stranger 2 G3F/G3M"! If you're familiar with their pose sets you know you won't be let down....if you're not then now's the time to dig in!

    "Parasite Attack Set 03" by DarkDesire is here! Get Victoria 6 in a new pose series with Serpatha!

    Of course, last but not least, Xameva's "Female Orgasm - Big One Poses for V6 and M6" is in stores now! Be quick about this one because it's on sale for a limited time!

    Well there you have it! That's all of the new products for today! Check back Monday for another update. Have a great weekend!

    2016 CGbytes Fantasy Contest 10 Days Left

    4/15/2016 12:30:33 PM by Teronsuke

    There's only 10 days left to get your renders submitted for our 2016 Fantasy contest being held over at CGbytes!

    For all of you who wait till the last minute... it's almost that time!

    Wikkidlester, Insane3D, Xameva, dravuor, SFD, RedLightZZ, and Barbarianbabes!!

    4/13/2016 5:14:47 PM by FunFungi

    We have made it to Wednesday! Woo! What a relief. Half way there! I know, I know, all I talk about is the upcoming weekend. Well let's step aside and check out some new products!

    First up we have another big comic from wikkidlester titled "Super Heroine Heat - Issue 5 -13"! A 143 comic ready for your eyes!

    Since we are in the realm of comics, why not also check out Insane3D's "Sci-Fi Dickgirls"!? Another 2 in 1 Bundle that's on sale for a limited time!

    Not so much a comic but we do have a fantastic game by Barbarianbabes! If you've been following these great interactive games then you surely won't want to skip this one! Check out Barbarianbabes' "Babeworld Wrestling Match 4"!

    What's next...ahh yes! Xameva's new facial expressions and pose set titled "Female Orgasm - Big One Expressions For V6/G2F"! Also on sale for a limited time! Get this pose set today!

    Looking for the perfect shoe for your Genesis 2 Females? Well look no further because dravuor has their new product "The Horse Shoes - Add-On for G2F"!

    Also in the mix, SFD's "Texture Add On For Rage 2 For M7" is available! Be sure to grab Halcyone's Rage 2 Clothing first!

    Finishing today off with RedLightZZ' "GND Anastasia Clubwear BareFootDanZZ"! A conforming dress and jewelry!

    There you have it! Be sure to check back soon for more updates!

    MIKE1954, Rikolo, SFD, RedLightZZ, Xameva, Layla, and Sledgehammer!!

    4/11/2016 5:22:49 PM by FunFungi

    Well here we are at Monday again! Not so shabby! It's going to be okay! Especially because we have a bunch of brand new products for you. Let's take a look!

    Remember how Genesis 3 Male had some brand new armpit hair? Well now your Genesis 3 Female characters can grow some too! Check out MIKE1954's "Hairy Armpits for Genesis 3 Female"!

    Hair ain't your thing? No sweat! Rikolo has a new comic out titled "Sex Tape"! 65 High Quality images, 40 looped HD animations, AND includes a flash version!

    If you have RedlightZZ String Body For G3 Males, then why not grab a few more textures?? SFD has just released "Texture Add On For String Body For G3 Males"!

    Speaking of RedLightZZ..."GND Anastasia S-TopZZ1" is in stores now! Jewelry and Shirt for Anastasia, Shae, AND Alyson 2!

    Moving right along to Xameva's new products! Of course a new set of flawless poses for Victoria7 and Michael 7. "Female Orgasm - Big One Poses for V7 and M7" is available today!

    "Faces of Submission - Fear & Pain" by Layla is out now too! Let Layla take care of those fearful and painful expressions!

    Lastly for today we have Sledgehammer's brand new couple pose set titled "Insalubrious Affair For G3 Couple"! Definitely not a pose set to pass up on!

    There you go folks! Enjoy these brand new products and also be sure to check the sale section. Always a lot happening there! Until next time!

    Halcyone, Chaosophia, Darkseal, guhzcoituz, Barbarianbabes, Apocalypse 3DX and MIKE1954!!

    4/8/2016 7:55:28 PM by FunFungi

    So here we are! Friday at last! Am I Right!? Welcome to the weekend! Let's take a look at what's new in store...

    First up! We have Halcyone's "Legend Of Hell"! Ancient Chinese paintings right at your fingertips. Dig into this fabulous work of art. Also on sale for a limited time!

    Next, jump into Chaosophia's "Dynamic Strapless Dress For V4"! Pick from 20 textures!

    Darkseal has a brand new rigged figure. Be sure to add "Iznt" to your collections!

    Ready for a new character for your Genesis 2 Female? Introducing guhzcoituz' "Azumi"! Give yourself a little somethin'!

    Barbarianbabes has some new action for y'all with "Jette Sexi 069"! Get 50 images of this sci-fi adventure!

    Are your Genesis 3 Males feeling a little bare? Well now you can add a little extra to those armpits. Check out MIKE1954's "Hairy Armpits For Genesis 3 Males"!

    There you have it!  A whole bunch of new items to add to your life! Life is good! Have a great weekend!

    Insane3D, KTdid, Wandrer, Richabri, SFD, and Jared999D!

    4/6/2016 5:17:22 PM by FunFungi

    As you can see we have made it to Mid-Week! Which mean we also have some great brand new products coming your way! Check it out!

    First up we have some double trouble from Insane3D! Be sure to dive into their new one titled "The Walking Bad. FINAL"! On sale of a limited time!

    Also on the market we have KTdid's "The Handle"! A fantasy prop for your Genesis 3 Female Characters. Time to get a grib!

    Next up we have "Trade-In Part 6" by Wandrer! Yes you can finally continue from part 5! What a treat. In this part there is The Big REVEAL! What could it be? Check it out!

    Okay. What do we have here? A brand new set by Richabri titled "Garage & Carport Set"! Be sure to not sit on this one! Park that car!

    SFD's "Texture Add On For Babekini For G3F / V7" is now in store too! Be sure to pick up Babekini first for this one to work. Also, this product is on sale until 4/10/2016!

    Now, let's end this product marathon off with "Monster Eater Part 2" by Jared999D! See what Karen and the Orcs are up to now!

    So that's everything for today! Hope you enjoy these new products and check back soon for more updates!

    Artist Spotlight: Nova

    4/5/2016 2:34:41 PM by Teronsuke

    We sat down with content artist Nova and asked:

    Q) What was the most challenging image/product you have created OR wanted to create?
    This is an interesting question, really. From a purely technical standpoint, An Unfortunate Discovery was hands down the most challenging, simply due to the
    nature of the premise, and the new techniques I employed to create it. However, from a creative standpoint, Blind Faith remains my most challenging work. It
    was a very delicate balance to maintain between keeping the work sexy, while at the same time, keeping the overall feel of the idea behind the whole thing
    present without going overboard.

    Check out Nova's full spotlight interview inside!