Temptation Game FREE INTRO
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THE TEMPTATION GAME - Free Introduction Comic by Gonzo Studios.
OK, first of all this is not a game, it's a comic about an Erotic Gameshow... I just don't want anyone getting confused before we start.

Welcome to the FREE INTRODUCTION COMIC, there's definitely some sex and nudity, but not as much as you would normally find in one of my comics… But hey it's FREE! (and you really need to read this before jumping into Temptation Game Ep1)

The idea with this one is pretty simple, we're getting all the boring stuff... aka the character introductions (there are 17 main characters in this series), what the Temptation Game is about and some other stuff all out of the way in this introduction comic, so we can just jump right into the good stuff with Episode One next week.

Every month there will be a two Temptation Game releases, each will be $5.00 I'm not gonna bore you too much with the details as that's what the introduction comic is all about… But we will have lots more sex and nudity in Parts one and Two. :)

BONUS: You get the updated Gonzo Studios and Sexy3DComics catalogue



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Temptation Game FREE INTRO

SKU: 65396
By: Gonzo Studios

The Temptation Game, the Fantasyland Gameshow where we take some couples, then throw the guys in a a bunch of super cute girls. Then throw their girls in a villa with a bunch of super hunky guys and see what happens. Will anyone remain faithful?


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