FantasylandWhore House Complete
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You probably have questions... let me help

What the hell is a Fantasyland?
It's the Gonzo Studios storytelling universe, it's just like the modern world, just with fantasy creatures, think elves with cell phones, orc street gangs, and demonic crime bosses.

Ok cool, so what happens in this series?
Whore House Bundle contains all 4 parts of the Fantasyland Illustrated Story and is around 500+ pages long, with some additional promo stuff at the end of each episode. Obviously some minor plot spoilers if you read all the episode descriptions.

Meet Jenni, when her husband does something incredibly stupid, she finds herself in the office of a demonic loan shark having to answer for his mess. Then an unexpected deal ends with her working in a demon sex club, where she discovers the overwhelming experience of tentacle sex, ending with her soaked in cum, inside and out.

When we left Jenni, she was just about to walk out onto the main floor of the whore house on her first night as a working girl. I'm not going to spoil anything plot wise, but there is lots scenes with Jenni and various Demons, a scene with Sereph the fairy, Jenni and a Demon... and just as everything seems to be going fine, Jenni takes a job that puts her on the revenge list of Ashely, the resident Bitch of the Whore House.

At the end of episode two Jenni had got herself into a lot of trouble with the Whore Houses 'queen bee' Ashley, who had said she was going to make Jens life a living hell... and that's exactly what she does. But then something utterly crazy happens to help them mend the bridges and they end up on what maybe the strangest job they have every had to work

At the end of Part 3 we found out that WhoreHouse owner El Jefe had sold Sereph the Fairy to the Orcs and Jenni and Ashley had decided to rescue her... In Part 4 we find out how that plan goes and bring this season of the series to an end. Oh and one last thing... not everyone is walking out of this episode alive.

What makes this different from everything else?
Whore House is set in the Gonzo Studios Fantasyland universe, we're not just creating two-dimensional sex objects with no soul, we are going for fully developed characters, situations, and storylines. 

WH Pt1 - 142 high-quality images in PDF format
WH Pt2 - 120 high-quality images in PDF format
WH Pt3 - 145 high-quality images in PDF format
WH Pt4 - 136 high-quality images in PDF format

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FantasylandWhore House Complete

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By: Gonzo Studios

Gonzo Studios brings you the 500+ page Fantasyland: Whorehouse Illustrated Story. This product contains all 4 parts.


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