Sonsy Dwarf for Genesis 9
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Sonsy Dwarf for Genesis 9 (male and female) figure gives you all the morphs and shapes you need to turn your base figure into a customized dwarf character. The package includes both male and female options as well as a male and female face. In addition to the two character faces, there is also a generic face morph option that can be used for other character faces you may already have.
Head and body morphs are separate and the primary body shaping parameter is a master control. What does that mean? It means the dwarf morph is a collection of parameter options controlled by a single slider. However, you can manipulate the individual morphs by themselves to make the figure’s legs or arms longer or shorter and the torso can be adjusted as well. The smallest height the figure will adjust to is 4 feet tall (1.3 meters). 
In addition to the morphs, you will find a set of presets that you can use to instantly adjust your figure to various dwarf shapes. In addition to size morphs, the package also comes with breasts and pregnancy options for female characters and muscular options for the male version. Weight gain parameters will work for either gender. 
Because the resizing of the Genesis 9 figure is so radical in this case, some issues may occur when bending the figure – especially the elbows, knees, and thigh-to-hip region. I have included a complete section of morphs to adjust these sorts of problems individually. For example, DWARFARM BEND LEFT FIX will smooth bending problems in the left arm/elbow when it is bent. I tried to make the fix morph names imply what they are for. Anyway, check the BENDING FIXES subsection of the DWARF parameters for fixes!
The figure (G9F) body shaping morphs will appear in your G9 Female BODY parameters list here:
The preset shapes will appear here: PRESETS / SHAPING / HEVIESTATE3D / G9 DWARF
DAZ Studio 4.2 or higher
Genesis 9 Female Base
Installation must be for the Genesis 9 BASE. Installation in the wrong file will result in the morphs not appearing in the parameters or not working properly. Do not custom install. Install directly to the files provided in the download.
Package must be installed manually by user. There is no auto-installation option or function. See installation instructions for directions. If you have never installed manually before, refer to PDF included in this product's zip (compressed) file for help.
Female Head
Male Head
Head Base
Arm Bend Fix (x2)
Arm Thickness
Arms Length
Big Butt
Body Muscular
Breasts Large
Breasts Larger
Breasts Rotate Upward for Pregnant
Breasts Upward
Feet Enlarge
Hands Fat
Hands Larger
Hands Thick
Head Size
Leg Bend Fix (x2)
Leg Length
Legs Inner Thicken
More Masculine Breasts Adjust
Neck Thin/Thicker
Pregnant or Round Belly Shape
Shoulders Narrow
Thick Body Fat
Thick Upper Shoulders and Neck
Thigh Bend Fix (x2)
Torso Height
Under Arms Adjust
Corrective (x1)
Hand Bend Up Fix (x2)
Belly Lift and Adjust Bottom
Smooth Upper Inner Thighs



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 9Genesis 9 Female
  Genesis 9 Male

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 9 Male and Female (

Sonsy Dwarf for Genesis 9

SKU: 70234
By: HevieState3D

Provides a unique set of morphs to turn your Genesis 9 figure into a realistic dwarf character.


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