Sonsy 2024 Upper Torso Morphs for Genesis 9
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This is the first installment of SONSY 2024. Because breast morphs aren’t always necessarily related to BBW morphs, I’m releasing this pack by itself and the morphs themselves are constructed to work on the base G9 shape – meaning they are intended for basic G9 body shapes. Later when I begin releasing new BBW and Pregnant shapes, I’ll include adjusters for the breasts to fit those shapes. 
For now, this breast morph pack is a stand-alone intended to give you 30 new options for shaping the G9 female’s breasts. See promo images and list below for full description of available morphs.
•The figure body shaping morphs will appear in your Female BODY parameters list here:  SONSY 2024 / Breasts
DAZ Studio 4.2 or higher
Genesis 9 Female Base
•Installation must be for the Genesis BASE. Installation in the wrong file will result in the morphs not appearing in the parameters or not working properly. Do not custom install. Install directly to the files provided in the download.
•Package must be installed manually by user. There is no auto-installation option or function. See installation instructions for directions. If you have never installed manually before, refer to PDF included in this product's zip (compressed) file for help.
Areola Cone Shape
Big Breasts 1
Big Breasts 1 Add Weight
Big Breasts 2 Lift Top Height
Big Breasts 2 Lying On Back
Big Breasts 2 Rotate Bottoms Upward
Big Breasts 2
Big Breasts 3 Cleavage
Big Breasts 3 Droop Weight
Big Breasts 3
Big Breasts 4 Rotate Bottoms
Big Breasts 4
Big Breasts 5 Rotate (Swing) Left
Big Breasts 5 Rotate (Swing) Right
Big Breasts 5 Supersize
Big Breasts 6
Big Breasts 7
Small Breasts 1
Small Breasts 2
Small Breasts 3
Small Breasts 4
Breast Basic Lift Chest Beneath
Breast Basic Lower Weight
Breast Basic Height ALT 1
Breast Basic Height ALT 2
Breast Basic Turn Inward
Breast Basic Turn Inward ALT 1
Breasts Pointy
Breasts Pointy Add Downward
Breasts Pointy Add Upward



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 9Genesis 9 Female

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 9 Female (

Sonsy 2024 Upper Torso Morphs for Genesis 9

SKU: 70035
By: HevieState3D

Adds 30 all new breast shaping morphs to the Genesis 9 female base shape.


30% off until 6/30/2024

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