Sonsy 2023 for Genesis 9
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The SONSY 2023 FOR GENESIS 9 package brings all new morph options and realism to the Genesis 9 base figure. This new supplemental package not only adds new weight gain options – but it also comes with pregnancy, thin and thick options. There is also a group of male-oriented shaping morphs to blend your figure into a thinner frame for the female base.

But I didn’t stop there! Nope, I’ve also included face shaping options that allow you to adjust many of the problematic issues with Genesis 9’s head such as giving you the ability to open her eyes much wider and adjust the shape of her mouth when fully open. If you’ve ever tried to create a “shocked” expression on your figure – you’ll appreciate these face options. But wait! I’m still not done!

The package also comes with body shape presets and master slider morphs to help you get started using the new body shaping options! A lot of folks asked for better G9 pregnancy morphs that weren’t coupled with weight gain shapes, so I’ve done that too! So much better and singular pregnancy morphs can be found along with a phenomenal HYPER-PREGNANCY shape that takes your pregnant G9 into the realm of the impossible!

And last but certainly NOT least…I’ve had requests for more natural and pointing downward breast options – so I’ve included a complete section of breast shapes that include small and petite all the way up to mega-massive! See the samples and video of the new package to view the full range of morph options.

This is one of my biggest and best morph packs yet. If you’re using G9 at all, you’ll want this new package!
This package contains a total of over--- 185 ---individual morphs for Genesis 9!
The figure (G9F) body shaping morphs will appear in your G9 BODY parameters list here: SONSY 2023 FOR G9
Some of the face morphs (for posing aid) will be located in a different parameter listing. Go here for those: G9 BODY PARAMETERS > Pose Controls > Head > SONSY FACE. I put them there because that’s where the other posing options for the figure are by default. 
The shaping presets will be found in: PRESETS > SHAPING > HEVIESTATE3D > SONSY 2023 FOR G9
You will also find a new PRESETS > SHAPING > HEVIESTATE3D > NIPPLE AND NAVEL DISPLACEMENTS – this is where you will find presets to load the nipple and navel displacement maps to your figure. They will not affect any other section of your material/shader/texture other than the displacement section. Default setting is 1.0 but you may adjust it down to less using the slider in your SURFACES > GEOMETRY parameters.
I suggest setting the figure RESOLUTION LEVEL to HIGH RESOLUTION. Then set the RENDER SUBD LEVEL to at least 3. Level 4 or higher will start to show issues with the nipple displacement maps but you don’t have to use those if you want to render at higher resolution. The higher the setting the more detail the displacement maps will become – so they start to get a little weird with levels 4-5. Again, just turn off displacement if you want to render higher levels. Genesis 9 has nipple morphs on her higher levels anyway (by default) so the maps were created only to be able to have nipples at lower levels. Using them in conjunction with HD morphs however can create some interesting effects. I find that using a balance between displacement and HD morphs provides the best results. You can adjust the displacement by going to the SURFACES pane, selecting G9 – then her surfaces and her BODY. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find a DISPLACEMENT block. The default setting (with my map applied) is 1. If you want less effect, simply adjust that number down to 0.5 for 50% and so forth. Zero it to turn it completely off. 
Big Belly Simple Male-Female
Adjust Lower Torso for SSBBW
Belly Big Add Weight
Belly Big Central Bulge
Belly Central Thicken (x3)
Belly Large
Belly Rotate Back
Belly Rotate Down
Belly Sag Control
Belly Upper Protrude
Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly ALT
Lovehandles ALT
Lovehandles MORE
Navel Position
Navel Super Deep
Navel Basic
Navel Deeper
Navel Horizontal
Saggy Belly
Big Belly Add Gravity
Belly Full Torso
Belly Fuller Torso
Vertical Crease Inflate
Vertical Crease
Crease Horizontal
Crease Lower Roll
Crease Upper Roll
Mommy Lower Roll
Upper Puffy
Vertical Inflate
Big Breast Hangers 1 
Big Breast Hangers 1 Adjust Back Side
Big Breast Hangers 1 Larger
Big Breast Hangers 1 Lift
Big Breast Hangers 1 Nipple Areola Size
Big Breast Hangers 1 Tilt Ends
Big Breast Hangers 2
Big Breast Hangers 3
Big Breast Hangers 4
Big Breast Hangers Rotate Ends for 2-4
Breast Implants
Breast Shape 1 Downward Hang
Breast Shape 2 Natural
Breast Shape 3 Pointers
Breast Shape 4
Breast Shape 5
Breast Shape 3-5 Make Point Adjustments
Breast Shape 6
Breast Shape 7 Big Naturals
Breast Shape 8
Breasts Adjust Lower Center
Breasts Small Sizes Flatten
Breast Smoothing Center
Big Bag Weight
Breasts Twist Inward
Brow Left Up
Brow Right Up
Brow Squeeze (x2)
Cheekbones Gone
Eyebrow Central Adjustment
Eyebrow Outer Adjustment
Eyelids Raise Extreme Shock
Eyes Under Smooth Crease
Face Height Mouth Only
Face Height Nose and Mouth
Face Lower Flatten
Face Lower Raise Height
Face Shape Narrow
Head Fat
Lips Thinner
Nose Height Control
Nose Tip Adjust
Brows Down
Brows Up
Eyelid Asian
Eyelid Droopers
Eyelids Lower DOWN
Eyelids Upper UP
Eyes Less Horizontal Corrective
Face Fat
Face Fatten Cheeks
Face Fatter
Face Round Shape
Face Square
Head Shrink Scalp to Fit Hair Better
Head Width
Neck gone
Neck gone more
Nose Realism
Nose Wider and Large
Butt Natural Shape
Over Hips Adjustment
Remove Inner Thigh Bow
Neck Shorten
Shoulders Narrow
Smooth Armpits
Female Shoulders Narrow
Pull Back Chest
Raise Rib and Breast Height
Shoulders and Neck Height
Shoulders Female Broader
Supersize Booty 1
Supersize Booty 2
Thicker Body (x3)
Thicker Just Upper Torso
Torso Adjust Shape
Torso Lower Height
Torso Ribs Realistic
Torso Upper Height
Pear 1
Pear 2 Huge Butt
Pear 3
Upper Body Big
Upper Torso Forward
Vagina Basic
Vagina close
Vagina Crevice
Vagina Custom 1
Vagina Fluffy
Vagina Lower Height
Lower body Husky 
Lower body Husky Adjust Hip Height
Lower body Husky Belly Adjust
Super Skinny
Pregnant Belly Droop
Pregnant Hyper-Preg Adjust Point
Pregnant Trimester 1
Pregnant Trimester 2
Pregnant Trimester 3
Pregnant 4 Twins
Pregnant 5 Large Size Heavy
Pregnant HYPER-PREGNANCY Unrealistic
Big Hips
Body Narrower
Hips Narrower
Hips Saddlebags
Hips Saddlebags Adjustment
Legs Thick



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 9Genesis 9 Female

Sonsy 2023 for Genesis 9

SKU: 69601
By: HevieState3D

Over 180+ morphs to custom shape your Genesis 9 female figure!


25% off until 5/31/2024

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