Sonsy Weight Gain System for Genesis 9
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Like the SONSY SYSTEM for Genesis 8, this package includes an immense number of options for the user to add body weight to various parts of the Genesis 9 figure's body. Most of the morphs also work well on the male version of the figure too! Ones that are intended to work for the male version will include "MALE" in their title. Keep in mind the basic Genesis 9 figure does not have nipples or a navel on the lowest subdivision setting (base) - so this package does not include nipples or navel options in the way that the Genesis 8 packages do. What it does have is a series of morphs to help improve the existing HD navel and nipple morphs that are part of the DAZ basic morphs for Genesis 9 - so remember to use those HD morphs in conjunction with the SONSY options. As always, the SONSY SYSTEM includes master morph dials that allow to dial in weight by very specific increments but you may also tinker with the individual morphs for more customized results. Contains a total of 140 morph options for Genesis 9 base.

Can of Busted Biscuits
CoBB for Male
Body Thick
Pear Shape
CUSTOM SIZES (x3) + ALT Adjustments
Hands Thick
Arms Lower Big
Arms Lower Thick
Beer Belly
Pregnant Add Breasts
Supersize SSBBW
Shouders Narrow
Arms Upper Corrective
Arms Upper Big (x3)
Belly Asymmetrical (x2)
Belly Big
Belly Bigger
Belly Crease Horizontal
Belly Flop (x2)
Belly MALE
Belly Hang Forward
Belly Heavy (x2)
Belly Lift Leg (x2)
Belly Lower Tuck
Belly Lower Custom
Belly Lower Roll Bigger
Belly Lower Roll Heavy
Belly Lower Roll Inflate (x2)
Belly Lower Wider
Belly Muscle Slack
Belly Pull In Upper
Belly Pushout Center
Belly Rotate Bottom Only
Belly Tilt Down or Up
Belly Upper Roll (x4)
Belly Vertical Crease (x2)
Belly Shape Aged (x2)
Body Shape thick (x4)
Body Shape Thinnner
Breast Adjust (x3)
Breast Custom Shape (x9)
Breast Droop (x2)
Breast Heavy (x2)
Breast Nipple Adjustments (x3)
Breast Pointed
Breasts Push Inward
Breast Shape (x5)
Breast Side Roll
Breasts Swell
Breast Tilt (x4)
Breast Twist (x2)
Butt Big
Butt Bigger
Calves and Shins Expand
Head and Neck (x2)
Double Chin Fix
Face Weight
Hips Bulge Under Love Handles
Hips (x3)
Legs Custom Weight
Love Handles (x2)
Navel Adjustments (x9)
Rib Handles
Thighs (x2)
Torso (x10)
Upper Legs and Hip Expand
Auto-correction morphs (x14) Not visible

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 9Genesis 9 Female
  Genesis 9 Male

Sonsy Weight Gain System for Genesis 9

SKU: 68943
By: HevieState3D

Provides 140 morphs options for adding body weight to the Genesis 9 figure.


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