Ahri: Tentacle Pit1 (AI)
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Gonzo Studios decided to boot up Sky-Nets porn server and see what happened.

The results ended up as a 130-image sequence involving our favourite blonde Fox Girl, relaxing on a beach, exploring a mystical cave and discovering a pool of slime that is The Tentacle Breeding Pit!  What follows is Ahri enjoying a royal fucking by the tentacle monster that lives there. Being impregnated with its eggs and being made to lay the next generation of tentacle monsters.

All the AI is generated in-house (Not a website that pushes out generic images with generic expressions) and some Photoshop to clean up here and there.

The consistency with the characters is pretty good throughout the sequence, as with anything AI-related there are some small differences such as minor changes in clothing styles and other small details.
What’s Included:
Book 1: Over 130 images detailing our favourite Fox Girl in the Tentacle Breeding Pit
Book 2: Over 50 images that did not really fit in the main sequence but are still awesome

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Ahri: Tentacle Pit1 (AI)

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By: Gonzo Studios

Gonzo Studios decided to boot up Sky-Nets porn server and see what happened.


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