Futa Clinic


Kacie runs a privet Futa CLinic, helping hot well-hung futa girls with controlling their erections and overall compulsion to cum. Her techniques are very unique with a good portion done with the latest AI technology to maximize stimulation. When the stimulation results in an uncontrolled orgasm Kaci has to intervene and take matters into her hands, sucking Sarah and having her fuck her until the "doctor" orgasms.
105 2k images, Comic and No Text versions, lots of cum!

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Futa Clinic

SKU: 67289
By: 3DZen

Doctor Kacie provides some futa therapy for Sarah using state-of-the-art AI tech, the stimulation goes a bit overboard resulting in an intervention by the doctor. 105 2k images, Comic and No Text versions, lots of cum!


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