Blackmaled: Paige's Story Pt1
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Meet Paige, she's a good girl and she's getting married really soon.
When her friend Emma gives her a special present Paige realises she's tempted towards trying out some wilder things before she ties the knot.
Her boyfriend Colin has been pressuring her to try be more adventurous in the bedroom... but will it turn into a wet dream or a nightmare for him?
The one thing we can be sure that by the time Paige's story is finished and she walks down the aisle...  She'll be full of cum... or maybe some black dude came hard and deep enough to put a baby inside her.
Welcome to Paiges Story Pt1... I hope you enjoy your stay
160+ pages of illustrated story featuring, cheating, interracial unprotected sex with no pulling out.



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Blackmaled: Paige's Story Pt1

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By: Sexy3DComics

Meet Paige, she's a good girl and she's getting married really soon.


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