Blackmaled, Lenka Pt3


Lenka catches a lucky break moments after returning home from the tribal retreat when she lands a photo shoot for a fetish company, which turns into much more than she expected. Then, she does a favour for Daren by accompanying him to his school reunion, where a white lie means Lenka has to make an erotic bargain to save his reputation.  Then, finally as revelations into what her boyfriend gets to to when her backs turned allows her to takes revenge in a sexy nightclub.

Number Of Images: 120 page illustrated story
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Lenka’s story is a stand alone series so you don't have to have read 'Blackmaled: Kirsty' or 'Blackmaled: Karen'. 

You can also find a FREE EPISODE from Karens story available here: 



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Blackmaled, Lenka Pt3

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By: Sexy3DComics

Blackmaled: Lenka’s Story’. This stand-alone series is the third outing for my popular series, and this time we follow Lenka’s story, a young Instagram model’s party girl lifestyle gets her into all kinds of trouble.


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