Futa Cop Officer Riley


Futa Cop Officer Riley brings some seriously hot fucking alongside “abuse of power”! Using her authority to force the hot couple into all sorts of compromising positions, she leaves them full of more than just tickets
Brought in for questioning, she singles them out alone. Coercing Lexi first into getting naked, licking and then fucking her hard, she explodes with cum inside her. She tells her she’ll drop the charges and let her go, but… first she has Amy to tend to. Visiting her now, she offers a “deal” to exchange freedom for sex. Thinking it’ll save Lexi, Amy goes along with it and does anything and everything asked of her…
Then she intergates Amy in the holding cell for soem cock sucking and hard anal sex!
157-count image set (in versions with and without text)

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Futa Cop Officer Riley

SKU: 66888
By: 3DZen

Futa Officer Riley pulls a trick on Lexi and Amy as they head off for a lover’s vacation on a long weekend. Taking back roads, she pulls them over and arrests them as fugitives who’ve stolen a car. It’s all lies, of course, but what can they do? 157-count image set and Comic


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