Product Support

All products displayed on are sold directly through and No refunds will be offered on any products that have been purchased once they have been downloaded.

Return Policies


3D Product Support

All our products are thoroughly tested by our team of testers. While it’s possible to get unusual results in different applications, we only GUARANTEE the product will work as described providing you have the Required Products and correct version of the Compatible Application that is included in the product details on each product page.

If you are having problems or require support with a product you’ve purchased, please take the following steps:

  1. Review the installation steps listed in this Forum Post
  2. Verify that you own the Required Products listed on the product page
  3. Verify you have a Compatible Application listed on the product page
  4. Contact the product Provider / Vendor for assistance as they are required to provide customer support for their products. To send an email, simply click on the Content Artist Name from your Downloads Page in your Account Settings Menu.
    • You will also find their contact information in the README file included in your product's main Zip file
  5. OR post for assistance in the Product Support Forums.

If you have verified the above information and the Provider / Vendor has not responded to your support request within 72 hours (exclusive of holidays or weekends) please contact us for further assistance and our team will do our best to assist you.

If we are not able to solve your product support concern, a store credit may be issued by CGBytes or Renderotique at the recommendation of the Provider / Vendor or administration team.

Comics or Image Sets

Refunds will not be given for any comic, image set or other products once they have been downloaded. If you are having an issue with a downloaded product, try downloading again, or contact the vendor / artist for assistance. Provider / Vendor information is included on the README.txt file included in the product zip file.

Premier Points or Gift Certificates

Premier points or gift certificates are non-refundable. If you purchase one of these products and do not have them added to your account or sent to you, please contact support (link to contact page) directly and we will review and attempt to rectify the issue.