PZ34 Leena Fuck By The Pool
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Leena had borrowed her friend Ally's house to relax on her own after some minor surgery. She had been feeling lonely and as she hadn't had sex for weeks also quite horny. However she had a surprise visitor in Ally's son David, a university student, and she had quickly won him over by grabbing his cock an placing it in her mouth.
Now he was on his back on a sunbed by the pool and she was on top straddling him. She grabbed his warm cock and placed the head of it at the opening of her pussy. Then she slowly slid down on it and let it fill every inch of her throbbing pussy. She rubbed her clit against his belly and then she began slowly riding him. Up and down on his thick firm cock. Going faster as her excitement increased. She could feel him growing inside her and decided to slow down. She didn't want him to cum yet. His cock felt good inside her and she wanted it to stay there.
- Your cock feels big and hard inside me David, she whispered, how does it feel to have it ridden by an old lady?
- You're not old mrs J.
- I must be at least twice as old as the girls you meet at uni. And call me Leena.
- Yes but they play hard to get and when you do get them to bed they just lie there on their backs. I've often dreamt of being with a mature experienced woman who knows what she's doing.
- Have you ever dreamt of being with me?
- You're the sexiest woman I know mrs... Leena. 
- You didn't answer my question
- Of course I have... more than once
- What have you been doing with me in your dreams?
- I have... taken you from behind and... then... I have... cum on your chest... sometimes in your mouth
- What? No courting me with flowers? No taking me to dinner and dancing? Who do you think you are?
- I... well... ehh... His voice was suddenly trembling
- Relax. I'm joking. It's flattering that a young guy like yourself would have fantasies about a woman twice his age.
- Not just any woman, mrs... Leena
- Would you like to do me from behind?
- There's nothing I would like more.
And with that she got off him and kneeled down on all four in front of him arching her back to push her behind up.
- Put you hands on my hips, big boy.
When she felt his hands on her she reached between her legs to grab his cock and steer it into her waiting pussy.
- Take it slow at first and then give it to me hard.
He managed "slow" for a couple of strokes and then went a lot faster.
- Harder, she moaned, slam it into me hard.
He began thrusting harder and harder into her. All she could hear was the wet noises from her pussy and the slapping sounds when his pelvis slammed in to her big ass. She was beginning to pant and moan and he was also beginning to groan a bit. He was growing inside her and she didn't want it to end yet so it was time to slow down again.
- Calm down, I don't want you to cum yet.
- Mmmmm...
- Let's try something else. Have you had anal sex before?
- M... Leena, are you kidding?
- No, would you like to take me in the rear?

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PZ34 Leena Fuck By The Pool

SKU: 70628
By: The Pink Zone

Leena loves to ride so that's what she does on David's thick cock. The only thing she loves more is to be held tightly by her hips and taken hard from behind.


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