PZ26.1 Leena Toys By The Pool
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Leena had borrowed her friend Ally's house to relax on her own after some minor surgery. She was out in the sun working on her tan and was beginning to regret having gone away on her own. She could have used some company, someone to talk to, and she hadn't had sex for a few weeks now.
She was trying to remember if she ever had been without for that long since her 18th birthday. She began thinking about lovers from the past and she started tingling.
She removed her bikini bottoms and laid back on the sunbed. When she stuck a finger inside she surprised even herself with how soaking wet she was. Three fingers slipped inside with ease and it felt so good she almost wanted to scream right away.
Last summer she had had a wonderful day at the beach together with her friend Amy and Amy's boyfriend Dick. They had had the beach all to themselves and had ended up having sex out in the open all with each other.
She turned around on the sunbed face down ass up and dreamt back about how Dick had taken her from behind and how big he had felt inside her. Three fingers in her pussy felt good too but it just wasn't the same.
When she reached out with her other hand and slipped one and then two fingers inside her ass she began fantasizing about Dick fucking her ass from behind. She wanted to feel his hands grabbing her by the hips and his big hard cock to stretch her tiny asshole to the limit while he fucked her deeper and harder than anyone before him.
Her fingers were now going in and out of both holes and she wondered what it would have been like if there had been two guys who could fuck her together, maybe even a third one to use her mouth on.
She reached in her handbag and got out her new three point vibrator and tried putting that in her mouth but it felt like a bad substitute. Maybe if she put it where it was supposed to go. The thick part slipped into her pussy and the thin bit into her ass. She pushed it in until the third bit rested against her clit. The she switched it on.
- Oh my god, this is powerful she thought. It buzzed away like nothing she had ever tried before. She came almost right away but she let it go on until she was nearly ready to come a second time. Then she got up and dug out another new toy from her handbag, a studded vibrating dildo, a big one.
Standing up she bent forward and gently slid the big dildo into her ass. It felt almost too big but she had always thought that almost too big is just the right size. This was a powerful one also and it felt like her whole ass was vibrating when she switched it on. She closed her eyes and thought of Dick behind her. It didn't take long before she came again and this time she squirted like a gusher.
- That was well needed, she thought and opened her eyes. She froze when out of the corner of her eye she saw a figure diagonally across the pool. On the edge there sat a young guy with his cock in his hand. WTF???
She straightened herself and looked at him. My god, that must be Ally's son David. Shouldn't he be at university or something, they must be on a break. She had no idea he was coming here. What must he be thinking seeing his mum's friend fucking herself silly with toys by their pool? She felt so embarrassed.
But wait, wasn't he himself sitting there with his cock in his hand? For how long had he been watching and why was he not wearing any swimming trunks? Had he been wanking while he was watching her. He had let go of it now and was leaning back on his arms but it really didn't need and hand to hold it up. It was still standing at attention.
Maybe he isn't so innocent as when I last saw him some years ago. And look at the size of that thing. Maybe he's up for some fun and then maybe her problem with being alone would be solved...

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PZ26.1 Leena Toys By The Pool

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By: The Pink Zone

Leena removed her bikini bottoms and laid back on the sunbed thinking about lovers from the past. When she stuck a finger inside she surprised even herself with how soaking wet she was. Three fingers slipped inside with ease and it felt so good she almost wanted to scream right away.


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