PZ21.1 Leena Wet By The Pool
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Leena had been away for a while. She went to a Swiss clinic to have some surgery done. Her behind had begun to sag so she had had a butt lift. But don't worry she had none of those implants, it's still 100% her own ass, just tightened a bit.
While she was there she also had her breast implants changed and she had gone up slightly in size without going crazy. Now she had borrowed a friend's house and was relaxing while waiting to be fully recovered.
She couldn't wait to show her new boobs off for the world and her ass too for that matter. She hadn't had sex for a while due to her stay in the clinic and while she was relaxing in the sun working on her tan she begun to think about showing her new assets off more closely to a select few people.
She soon began to feel like she couldn't wait too long and she begun to play with herself. She still had two good hands and she really needed to have something inside her even if it was just her fingers...

(PZ21.1 as this is a corrected and expanded version of the original PZ21)

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PZ21.1 Leena Wet By The Pool

SKU: 70554
By: The Pink Zone

Leena is relaxing in the sun as she is recovering from surgery. She hasn't had sex for quite a while and needs to have something inside her even if it is just her fingers...


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