Shades of Darkness 8: Vacation Get Away


Cassey, Ali, and Kensey are on a four-day long weekend vacation. They pull off the interstate to fuel up and run into three brothers (Joe, Jeb and Jacob) Jacob is the local sheriff/ The three harass the girls a bit before they hit the road again. Shortly thereafter Cassey's new car malfunctions. 
Things go downhill fast from there for the three girls, Cassey and Ali walk a few miles to a farmhouse and meet Ma and Pa who spike their drinks and bring them to the barn.
Kensey opts to stay with the car, the sheriff finds her alone and cuffs her, and brings her in for an "interrogation" including shock treatment and a deepthroat exercise. 
Once done the Sherif brings Kensy to the farmhouse where Ma and Pa begin her training.
This story will need a follow-up to get to the end but this is a long 250 image story to get things started. 
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Shades of Darkness 8: Vacation Get Away

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By: 3DZen

3 Friends. Cassey, Ali, and Kensey take a long weekend vacation, but things take a bad turn when they fuel up at a gas station off the interstate! The three girls fall prey to a sadistic sex-craved family, Ma, Pa, Joe, Jeb, and Jacob. Comic PDF, No Text PDF, 240 2k resolution images


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