Training Days Part II


Amanda’s dad is away on business, she’s set on teaching her how a good girl is supposed to behave. Amanda starts to feel the effects of her futa step mom’s cum. And she craves for more as she swallows ever-larger quantities of the sticky warm milk. By day three, the once rebellious girl is begging for more and can’t wait to please her stepmom before her daddy returns home. She gets fucked in the pussy and mouth before getting some fun of her own and fucking Jen with a strapon! 
Finally, on her last day of training, the now subservient Amanda willingly gets her mouth, ass and pussy filled just in time before daddy comes home.

The set contains 80 images with both a comic and textless version. 

Image/Comic Set
Number Of Images: 80 images
Image Quality: High 2560x1440
Image Format: PDF
System Requirements: WinZIP or other unzipping utility
                     Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader

Installation: Simply unzip the folder to your directory of choice



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Training Days Part II

SKU: 64245
By: 3DZen

Watch as one very bratty step-daughter gets schooled by her futa step-mom! Continuing on from Training Day I, Jen takes her disciplinary lessons to the next level. The set contains 80 images with both a comic and textless version.


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