Perfect Booty V4 - Automatic Fix
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Xameva & Meipe proudly present Perfect Booty: An automatic morph fix for V4's backside.

   V4 has an okay-looking backside when she is in her default, standing pose. But when she starts bending into different poses, let's be honest - the results are not pretty. With Perfect Booty, never again will this be a problem! This fix will automatically re-shape, smoothen and make V4's butt look much more realistic and sexy.

 The fix works as you bend and move V4's thighs side to side, automatically morphing her butt no matter which way you pose her. All you have to do is inject the fix and pose V4 as you normally would, and this fix will work behind the scenes.

  The fix is only as good as the quality of the morphs, and the artist behind these morphs is Meipe. A professional sculptor in Italy, Meipe prides himself on creating morphs with the highest level of realism and quality.

  * DAZ Users: This product works in all versions of DAZ Studio, and it functions the exact same as the Poser version.

  • Main fix injection:
    • Works on each thigh individually.
    • Has separate morph fixes for the forward/backward bend, and both directions of side-side movement.
    • Includes morph dials to decrease the amount of the fix - total control!
  • 7 poses for V4 with mirrored versions - 14 poses total. Also one zero V4 pose.
  • 4 booty shaping morphs, including remove poses.
  • Poser cloth room tutorial to help fit tight fitting clothing to V4's new booty.

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 2
PoserPoser 5

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

Perfect Booty V4 - Automatic Fix

SKU: SKU29815
By: MeipeXameva

Xameva & Meipe's Perfect Booty V4 - Automatic Fix will automatically re-shape, smoothen and make V4's butt look much more realistic and sexy.



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