Erogenesis - Lali's Bits v1 for DS
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The package contains:
- Numerous face & body morphs
- Lali's vagina prop with numerous presets & morphs
- Vaginal Texture & bump (JPG)
- Hip / genital region transparent PNG for you to map onto your texture
- Comprehensive Manual**

Minimum requirements for Lali's Bits are:
- DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher
- DAZ Victoria 4.2
- Adobe Acrobat Reader 5+ (to read the manual)

*IMPORTANT: the location of your Victoria 4.2.cr2 is vital for a successful installation. Read page 23 of the manual carefully!

A Note from the Lali's creator, Erogenesis:

THIS IS NOT FOR GENESIS! (also not for V4 Genesis shape)

FINALLY, the DS version is here! Now I can watch a movie again, whoo!

So, after struggling with DS for a few months (but also playing the role of Helpdesk for the Poser version) I decided to call in the cavalry: Poison! Within days he put me to shame by emailing me a working version. Thereafter, all that was required was to test it in the true wilderness of a thoroughly seasoned DS fan's PC. Thank you Arcas for providing us with the mother of all DS installations, almost taking us back to the paleolithic age of cave paintings, enough to make Grand Master Poison break a sweat!

It is absolutely safe to say that we've done our damnedest to get you a foolproof DS version... but knowing the versatility of DS, we are prepared for anything once it is released! Despite having said that, all DS conversions from Poser seemed to have held out the strongest. So I think you all will be quite safe. One tip I urge you to meditate on and start believing in: read the manual, especially concerning the installation of the DS version! Poison has a few opinions on the matter :)

One thing that Poison insisted that must be mentioned: if you have Poser*, and you're relatively familiar with it, get the Poser version! This was originally a Poser product and it might be safer to keep it as such. All Poser conversions seemed to have succeeded for the DS users I know! The conversion is incredibly easy.


Ok a few things about Erogenesis and Lali's Bits (also applies for the Poser version): this is NOT a Genesis product. Erogenesis has nothing to do with DAZ's Genesis figure. The confusion is understandable, but I made up the name Erogenesis long before I even heard of DAZ Studio or their Genesis Character.

Lali's Bits is for DAZ's Victoria 4 (V4) figure, not the V4 shapes for Genesis. You absolutely need the V4 figure for Lali's Bits. 

Lali's Bits for Genesis in future? Maybe, but I cannot promise anything. I'm just a comic artist, not a business man. Lali's Bits is merely a result from me making my comics. If it weren't for my fans persuading me to release it, it would've probably never hit the stores. Since I don't use Genesis (or Goblins) in my comics, I doubt there'll be any LB for Genesis any time soon. Besides, these V4 bits have cost me well over a year to prepare for the store, and its time I make some comics again before I even think of making another morph package like this.


Ok, now, Lali's Bits is quite a package. Without question you'll be tempted to contact us with all sorts of questions, which we definitely welcome, but first please please have a look around, especially the manual! There's also the Lali Bits Product Support page and the Erogenesis Blog.

Ok so, try posing your questions on the Lali Bits Product Support page, or the Erogenesis Blog, before emailing Poison or I personally. From then on it will be me dealing with the morphs and Poison with the DS-related issues. Believe me I know next to nothing about DS.

I'll leave it there for now. We hope you have a lot of fun jacking o... playing around with Lali's Bits in your DAZ Studio!!! And don't forget, don't drink and drive!

Oh and show us yer renders!!!

Erogenesis (& Poison)
may 2013

*(Poser 6, 8, 9 10, Pros 2010, 2012, 2014 - NOT Poser 7)

**Warning regarding the user manual: Lali's Bits has been made available mostly thanks to my fans, who pretty much persuaded me to release it. The manual is therefore an almost personal message to my fans: do this, try that, but in a light-hearted, fun, and naughty manner... much like what happens when one has sex (which is the whole point of Lali's Bits).  Therefore, if you're easily offended by swear words or jokes, then maybe you shouldn’t read the manual.

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.5

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

Erogenesis - Lali's Bits v1 for DS

SKU: SKU30736
By: Erogenesis

Lali's Bits is a platform from that generally improves Victoria 4's hip and genital area. Lali's Bits will solve almost all bending problems for you.



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