Perfect Breasts V4 - Breast Morphs
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   Xameva & Meipe proudly present Perfect Breasts: The ultimate collection of custom breast morphs for V4.

  V4's heavenly soft breasts were meant to played with. Squeezed... groped... and pinched like a real woman's flesh! You want to be able to actually see the pressure of the fingers on her smooth skin. This was impossible before - the fingers used to look like they were just floating on top of her breasts. Well not anymore, these realistic breasts morphs are the solution.

 Included are a wide variety of high quality, carefully created breast morphs, with matching finger/hand/arm poses. All you have to do is double-click the morph you want to use, it's that simple! No scripts required. They're organized into different categories to make things easier for you.

 We wanted this package to be as versatile as possible, so we've also included head/neck partial poses, so you can mix and match them with all the different breasts morphs for an endless amount of posing possibilities.

 These morphs can be used with all of your poses, even couples poses, in fact that's what they were intended for as well! Picture this - V4 straddling M4's stiff, pulsating cock... lifting herself up and down, over and over, swallowing every last inch. She's nearing an intense climax, her soaking wet pussy squeezing around M4's cock more tightly with every stroke.
   Now don't you think the breast morph of V4 pinching her nipples roughly as she cums would match that perfectly? This is just one example where these morphs can add an extra dynamic to your artwork.


 There is also some bonus content for you, including couples poses for V4/M4 (to achieve the fantasy described above if you desire), a pole prop, pole MATs and matching breast morph, and a bunch of utility poses! Be sure to check out the promo images for more details about everything that is included.

  If you have purchased our "Morphed Poses" before, you may be wondering what the difference is between the breast partials in the
"Morphed Poses", and these "Perfect" ones. The breast morphs in this product are isolated by themselves, meaning they can be easily animated and adjusted. There are also a LOT more of them, and a wider variety. If you like our Morphed poses, you'll definitely love these!
  We hope you enjoy V4's new squeezable tits!

  * DAZ Users: This product works in all versions of DAZ Studio, and it functions the exact same as the Poser version. The one exception is the MAT poses for the pole prop, which are not optimized/tested in DAZ.

What's included:
  •  30 breast morphs of the highest quality, created by Meipe (An Italian sculptor with many years of 3D and real-world experience).
    • Organized into 4 categories: Squeezes, Lighter Touch, Arms Covering and Nipples.
  •  9 head & neck partial poses.
  •  2 sets of couples poses for V4/M4 - 4 poses total. 2 matching poses for M4 Genitals also included.
  • Pole prop with matching breast morph for V4 to squeeze her tits around the pole. 3 MAT poses for the pose included as well.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 2
PoserPoser 5

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

Perfect Breasts V4 - Breast Morphs

SKU: SKU30042
By: Xameva

Perfect Breasts V4 is a large collection of unique, realistic breast morphs. These high quality morphs allow V4's breasts to be manipulated like a real woman's flesh, and let you finally squeeze and fondle V4's breasts properly. Play with her tits the way you always wished you could!



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