Jungle Fever: Hot Days And Wet Nights
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This had been Bree’s second chance. She’d gone back to University to get her Master’s degree after a number of freewheeling years of booze and sex following college. She was quite the slut back then. Now in her early thirties, having graduated and keen for something adventurous after a quiet and relatively chaste period of discipline she’d embraced during her Masters years, the pre-eminent Professor Jameson had offered her a field position in central Africa.
It had been a slow and difficult start for Bree. They were secluded in a field camp deep inside the rainforest living in Spartan, locally built huts. Daily work in the constant drizzling rain which was often punctuated by torrential downpours, led to everything getting wet and staying wet. The shirts Bree had on would typically be plastered to her body, her breasts, and the clinging material constantly clenching and stimulating her nipples. This was playing havoc with her concentration and maintaining her composure in front of the workers was made all the more difficult by the typically bare chested attire of the workers. Surrounded all day by chisel chested ebony adonises inevitably led first to a general appreciation of the local manhood which rapidly evolved into a deep longing lust as the days went by. Bree would often imagine herself working topless side by side with the men, the soft drizzling rain dripping from her breasts with every waft of cooling breeze tickling her nipples.
These whimsical thoughts led to darker fantasies of being taken and ravished by these hard bodied workers, her naked breasts heaving in the rain as they hungrily tore her shorts and panties off. She was in a state of constant arousal, with masturbation a nightly release, roughly pulling and pinching her hard nipples while plunging fingers into her sopping pussy. She would bring herself to increasingly intense orgasms as each night her fantasy worker men each took their turn in taking her as she, hungrily appraised each of the cocks surrounding her in anticipation of the work they were to do in her. After release she would lay in her sweat and juice soaked mattress and drift into an exhausted erotic dream filled sleep.
And then everything changed. One night as Bree lay in her bed, her mind enraptured in fantasy with her fingers jammed hard inside her pussy as she began to hump the air nearing orgasm, she caught movement at the door way of her hut. Startled she looked again and saw the silhouette of a colossus, the window light catching the glistening highlights of his ebony skin bringing his form and his huge cock into sharp definition. She was too far gone down the road to orgasmic oblivion to stop masturbating. As she kept humping the air with increased urgency his overbearing presence pushing her over the top into a euphoric paralysis, her fingers pressed in hard inside her convulsing pussy as her orgasm washed through her body.
Who the hell was this guy, how long had he been watching her for? She had to find out who this man was, what he wanted. She didn’t recognize him as one of the workers. In one swift movement the Watcher flipped Bree over onto her stomach, grabbed her hips and lifted her up onto her knees and at least one of her questions was answered. Now she knew what he was here for. She’d been in this position many times before and it meant only one thing……

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Bree is becoming more desperate with need every day, surrounded by hard bodied workers all day in a remote jungle archaeological dig. Her nightly released by her own hand serves only to feed her burning desire until one night all that changes as her fantasies of being taken are suddenly realized.


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