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    7/25/2016 9:37:43 AM by SFD


    Xart-3D, X3Z, Chaosophia, Darkseal, SynfulMindz, and supafly!!

    7/22/2016 2:42:27 PM by FunFungi

    Hey Everyone! It's Friday and you know what that means! We have a whole bunch of great new products in stores now. Check it out.

    Now Genesis 3 Female can feel sexy on the inside and out. With Xart-3D's "X-LaceLingerie For G3F" you can wear the realistic beautiful lingerie you've been waiting for.

    After you put on your lingerie why not dig into some fantasy comics? X3Z's "Dungeon 4 - Lorelei's Escape" is the perfect image collection to read! 106 pages of fantasy fun.

    Also available is Chaosophia's "XXX Magazine Poses Vol 1"! Victoria 4 can add 50 new poses to her collection. Perfect!

    Darkseal's also back with another great haute couture dress! "Inflatable Knee Length Dress" is here. This is a stand along figure.

    If you're looking for more outfits you're in the right place. SynfulMindz "Elizabeth Dress G3F" comes as a dress AND a thong! A synful dress for seductive women ;)

    Last but not least, supafly's "Lost Bet: Petra Helps The Elderly" is here and I'm talkin' 147 hi-res images right at your fingertips. Get on it!

    Okay! That's it for today. Hope you all like these and that you come back soon for more! Check the sale section out to see what kind of special surprises are waiting for you!

    Dark Void Week Seven

    7/22/2016 12:56:42 PM by Teronsuke

    He loved sleeping in the Barracks. It took him back to being 12 years old at camp with his best friend. He could almost see the tented blankets with wildly flailing flashlights and being absolutely terrified after telling monster stories to each other. Only now, those imaginary monsters were real. For a brief moment he relived that terror, right before he chuckled to himself and rolled over to sleep amidst the snoring and scratching of his bunk mates.

    Big Beautiful Women

    7/22/2016 5:38:55 AM by SFD

    Big Beautiful Women released

    2nd Artist Development LIVE Training Seminar

    7/20/2016 3:34:36 PM by Teronsuke

    "Is there a hair style you've always wanted but just can't find anywhere for your renders?

    Join us on July 28th at 8PM EST HERE! for our second LIVE event! CGBytes Artist Development Director Les Garner of Sixus1 Media will take you start to finish, creating gorgeous hair in ZBrush, complete with UV's, textures and morphs, then bring it all together as a fully rigged hair figure in Daz Studio!

    hatred, Meipe, 3feetwolf, Darkseal, dsv4600, and CynderBlue!!

    7/20/2016 9:47:54 AM by FunFungi

    It has been so busy here this week! Don't worry there is no shortage of new fantastic products. Here's just a few that are ready to be explored! Check it out...

    We have another great contemporary comic by hatred available. "Lisa's Sexual Fantasies" is 54 pages of lonely Lisa stuck with her imagination.

    Meipe is also here with great new shapes, sizes, poses and more! "Soft Gravity For Genesis 3 Female" has everything you're looking for and at a generous sale price for a limited time!

    You're Aiko 7 is ready for a bit of an upgrade right? 3feetwolf has just what you need with "New Gens For V7: Update For Aiko 7" also on sale! Get it while you can!

    Now something a little different for Victoria 4. Darkseal's brand new outfit "Inflatable Ball For V4" is fashionable and fun!

    Does something feel strange? That might be because dsv4600's "Strange Investigations 7" is out now! This one dives into all types of strange events!

    Finishing off with a bang! We have CynderBlue's debut "CG Jasmin G3F"! A flawless character for Genesis 3 Female. Just beautiful!

    Hope everyone's having a great Wednesday and I also hope we just made it even better. Enjoy!

    Laudanum, KTdid, SynfulMindz, 3D Simon, and Zuleyka!!

    7/18/2016 3:52:00 PM by FunFungi

    Here we are again on a beautiful Monday afternoon! Bringing forth only the best products around! Check out what's in store today...

    Finally the 3D world has broken into Twosies! Created during a live modeling event! You can now purchase what was created right here. "ArtDev Camisole And Shorties Set DS" is on sale for a limited time. Check out this product page for more information on attending these live training events! So cool!

    Laudanum's new "Rope Fashion Twirly" is available now too! Get into this new fashion craze...but be careful! It could be hard to get untangled.

    We also have a "Bandeau Bikini" by KTdid. Your Genesis 3 Females are going to be very fashionable by the end of today!

    What can you pair with that Bandeau? Well "Naughty 'n' Nice Pants G3F" by SynfulMindz of course! Check out these products to get that perfect outfit!

    Well now that your Genesis 3 Female is looking tip top, we have some comics ready for you!

    3D Simon kicks this off with "7 In 1 Hot Bundle"! It's exactly what it sounds like. You get 7 short stories! Very cool.

    Zuleyka's "Snow White Bundle" is also here. Save 35% when you go with all 3 of these comics in one!

    There you have it! Enjoy!

    Victoria 7 Homemade Sex Tape!

    7/16/2016 4:24:17 AM by Xameva

    Create your own amateur POV porn with this amazing set of poses, video camera prop, POV camera poses, and much more!

    Dark Void Week Six

    7/15/2016 2:30:26 PM by Teronsuke

    Did you think you were done exploring deep space and the wonders and horrors it holds?

    It's true we went dark last week, but that was nothing like the darkness that one finds inside the Dark Void!

    And to truly explore through the cosmos you need a steady hand to fly a sturdy ship... or two... or even three?

    We present,  Dark Void Week 6!

    Xart-3D, hatred, csmchowhk, Xameva, Halcyone, and Barbarianbabes!!

    7/15/2016 1:27:36 PM by FunFungi

    Here we go again! Except this time...It's Friday! We have some really great products today to get you through your weekend! Let's take a look.

    Out with the old and in with the new! Especially when it comes to your underwear right? Xart-3D has these brand new fantastic boy cut panties fit for Genesis 3 Female. Check out "X-Panties 02"!

    hatred has a new comic in stores now. "Encounter Female Star" is 52 pages. What do you do when you need your car repaired but can't pay for it? Find out today!

    Also to add to your comic collection we have "Skeleton Fun" by csmchowhk! C'mon, throw her a bone!

    Xameva is here with another flawless pose set! These intimate collections of poses were designed to look perfect from the POV (point of view) of the video camera/the person holding the camera and also look just as good from all angles! Get "Victoria POV - Poses For V7 And M7" today!

    Interested in even more poses? Have to throw a fundraiser? Why not have a car wash! "Car Wash Pose For V7" by Halcyone is available now.

    Now you can play all rounds of Barbarianbabes hit game! "Babeworld Wrestling Complete" is the perfect bundle accompanied by 25 gorgeous wrestling wallpapers!

    That's it for today! Enjoy these new products and see you Monday!


    guhzcoituz, SFD, LeBrunster, 3feetwolf, SynfulMindz, and babbelbub!

    7/13/2016 2:25:02 PM by FunFungi

    Fantastic! Incredible! Diverse! Amazing! Just a few words to give you an idea of what to expect with these new products....check it out...

    "Thief Suit" by guhzcoituz is here and is putting all your other thief suits to shame! Pick this one up for your Genesis 2 Female's so they can get away with all their devious plans.

    Are you ready for SFD's "Big Men - Shapes For Genesis 3 Male"? Big Men comes with 6 heavy, obese and big man shapes. Whenever you need a real big man, these shapes are right for you.

    If you're looking for some of that comic content then you've come to right place. "Gertrude's Piglet!" by LeBrunster is in stores now! 51 pages of fun!

    You're Rune 7 just got an upgrade! 3feetwolf's "New Gens for V7: Update For Rune 7" is available now and at a sale price for a limited time!

    SynfulMindz is back with a beautiful pose set for Genesis 3 Female. Flawless and classy! Check out "Venus Poses 2 G3F" today!

    Finishing off today with a new one from babbelbub. "Black and Blue G3F" contains 25 LIE presets, 1 Base texture and 1 Genitals texture. Giver er a try!

    That's it for today folks! Hope you like it and see you soon!

    Big Men Released

    7/11/2016 7:32:21 PM by SFD

    They are obese, they are fat - they are the BIG MEN

    CGbytes 1st Artist Development Seminar

    7/11/2016 12:15:39 PM by Teronsuke

    CGbytes is excited to announce our first live event! 

    Learn to model, create morphs and get a better idea on workflow. Our Artist Development Events are just what you need to expand your skills and a way to increase your earnings!

    Join us on July 15th 2016 8:00 PM EST at our live event.

    PENDRAGON, Zuleyka, Sledgehammer, Layla, and Davo!!

    7/11/2016 10:53:05 AM by FunFungi

    Hello everyone and welcome back to another addition of What’s New In Store! You'll love these new products because we sure do! Check it out...

    PENDRAGON has arrived with a beautiful new character for your G3F figures. "Lehandra For Genesis 3 Female" is gorgeous and 20% off for a limited time. What a deal!

    If you're in the mood for new comics, make that new fantasy and futa comics then you've come to the right place. Zuleyka's "Ultragirl VS Futakitty 2" is out now!

    Also be sure to grab Sledgehammer's brand new pose pack "Galley Attack For G3 Couple"! This pose set is also on sale and requires a few items before getting the full experience. So be sure to check out their product page!

    Layla's back in action with "Taken! Rough Pose Set"! Bring the roughest & darkest kidnapping fantasies to life with just one click. And if you click soon you'll be able to save 25%!

    Davo has a huge and fantastic restraint pack! Comes with so many different devices AND is available for Daz Studio and Poser sold separately! "Tower Of Pain" set is here to get the answers you're looking for!

    Well thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday and come back soon for updates!

    Floor13, SynfulMindz, hatred, Wandrer, and Hibbli3D!!

    7/8/2016 4:37:31 PM by FunFungi

    Here we are again with some brand new fantastic products ready to get you through this weekend! Let's take a look...

    Floor13 is back with the follow up to their introduction released last week. "Pink Silk Book 1: First Taste" is here and includes the free intro! Continue with this great story!

    Also new, we have "Fatal Attraction G3F" by SynfulMindz! Always dishing out great pose sets so don't miss out on this one!

    If you're looking for some more comics we got em! "Steel Man With His Girlfriend" by hatred contains 53 HD images of fun fantasy love!

    Wandrer dropped by with another issue of their hit series Trade - In! "Trade - In Part 8" is the continuing story from issues 7 so make sure you're all caught up!

    Finally, we have Hibbli3D's new adventurous image collection "Knight Elayne - Cosplay Part 2". Be sure to check out more of Hibbli3D's work because it's killer!

    Have a great weekend and like always enjoy these new products!

    Laudanum, Barbarianbabes, battlestrength, Layla, MaxTron, and Casualgrapher!!

    7/6/2016 3:24:28 PM by FunFungi

    Hello again! We love these updates. You love these updates. So let's get to it! Now in stores...

    First up we have something special for your Dickson Dick The Monster Cock! Check out Laudanum's "Boner For Dickson Dick" today!

    Also up in shop, Barbarianbabes are at it again! This time with the fight of a lifetime! Hit the mats with "Babeworld Wrestling Final Match"!

    Looking for some great comic material? Look no further because battlestrength just released their latest one! "The Lost Realm - Issue 7" is ready when you are!

    Where do you go when you need some top notch poses? Well to Layla of course! Brand new pose pack for G3F and G2F is here titled "Porn Star Poses Vol.2".

    It’s hard enough controlling your own movement in outer space let alone POSING your Genesis 2 Figures! So MaxTron did it for you with their new pose set "Zero Gravity Couples Poses"!

    Finishing off today on a really strong note! "Clones" by Casualgrapher is out now! You get multiple stories told through some beautiful image collections.

    There you go! Enjoy your Wednesday and these great new products!