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    Muscularity Flex Control For Genesis 3 Males And Merchant Resource

    4/26/2017 5:12:52 PM by SF-Design

    Control and flex the muscles of your Genesis 3 Male based characters. This Add On includes 34 Partial Body Morphs for muscularity and flexing, control morphs for the separate body regions and a full body morph. This is also a Merchant Resource.

    Swimwear Add On For OOT M7 Intimates

    4/25/2017 12:36:16 AM by SF-Design

    Use the Mini Slip as speedo (swim briefs) and the Boxers as swimming shorts, compression shorts (tights) or jammers. This product comes with all new texture maps and Iray Material presets for AC the Mini Slip and Boxers from OOT M7 Intimates.

    Xameva, Ambrosia3d, Davo, Chocolate, Ace Pyx, and CGbytes!!

    4/24/2017 5:19:49 PM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone! We’re back on a Monday with even more fantastic products ready for you to dive into! Let’s just get right to it and see what’s now available! Check it out…
    Let’s start things off with one of our favorites! We have a brand new pack of poses by Xameva. “Scream Louder Dickgirl – Double Penetration Poses V7” is here and at a great sale price for a limited time.
    Also, we have something a little new by Ambrosia3d! This week they have graced us with “Iray Vagina And Anus Colors For G3F Genitalia”!
    Last week we released a whole bunch of fantastic new props with complimenting poses by Davo. This week we have their bundles! Available for both Daz Studio and Poser be sure to check out “Masturbation Station Bundle Daz Studio 4.9” and “Masturbation Station Bundle Poser”. Save 33% when going for the bundle!
    Chocolate is back with “Tentacle 5”! Get all slimy and wild with this great new sci-fi character.
    “Pleasure And Pain – Faces Of Passion For Genesis 3 Males” by Ace Pyx is also there. Don’t waste your time trying to make your own faces, use these ones!
    Lastly, we have another great live training session product. This time it’s “ArtDev PBR Texture Tile Collection Vol 1”. Check the blog post to see how you too can participate in the next one.
    There you have it! Enjoy these new ones and check back soon for more!

    Napped Funbags!

    4/23/2017 11:47:07 PM by Chaosophia

    New pose set featuring 2 of my best selling products in one. And even better it is only $5.00!

    Davo, Freeone, Insane3D, farconville, CynderBlue, and babbelbub!!

    4/21/2017 11:23:09 AM by FunFungi

    Here we are again! It’s a wonderful Friday afternoon and you better believe we’ve got some great new products ready for you! Let’s not waste any more time. Check it out…
    Here is Davo’s awesome Masturbation Station collection ready for Daz Studio! You’ll have hours of pain and pleasure with “Masturbation Station 3” For Daz Studio 4.8+, “Masturbation Station 2” For Daz Studio 4.8+, and “Masturbation Station 1” For Daz Studio 4.8+! For all the Poser users out there you bet your butt we’ve got the Poser Version available too.
    We have a new big ol’ bundle by Insane3D as well. Get your hands on “Gangbang Bundle” today and save 35%!
    That’s not all when it comes to new bundles here. Farconville’s “Faces 3 For Genesis 2 Male And Michael 6” is available now for Daz. Get those faces morphin!
    Cynderblue never disappoints with their beautiful characters, and today is no exception. “CB Miyo G3F” is a hand sculpted custom character and boy is she great!
    Lastly, babbelbub’s “EasyPose Tail For Genesis 3 Female” is also here. Fantasy fun to complete your renders!
    That’s it for today! Enjoy these new ones and have a great weekend!

    CGbytes Live Stream 4-21-17: Substance Designer + Substance Painter

    4/20/2017 11:26:48 AM by Teronsuke

    "Substance Designer + Substance Painter"
    Week three will take you through the basics of creating “substances” in Substance Designer, for use in Substance Painter.

    Davo, x3d, Xameva, guhzcoituz, and SynfulMindz!!

    4/19/2017 3:39:43 PM by FunFungi

    Today’s blog post features some really great new products you are not going to want to pass up on. So take advantage of this Wednesday afternoon and check out what’s new in store…
    You saw that right! Davo has a whole punch of new products available for Poser AND Daz Studio. This week’s blog post features the Poser versions, but click that catalogue for all the Daz options. Give your figures the time of their lives with “Masturbation Station 3” For Poser 8+, “Masturbation Station 2” For Poser 8+, and “Masturbation Station 1” For Poser 8+! These products come with poses and a whole bunch of great new props!
    We have more! “Bondage Poses 2 For Genesis 3” by x3d is also here! Get 20 realistic bondage poses ready for Daz Studio!
    Xameva is back with “Make Her Scream Dickgirl – Poses For V7” which features incredible poses at a sale price for a limited time. Don’t pass this one up!
    Now for a little something for Genesis 2 Female. “GC High Heels For G2F” by guhzcoituz is available now. Make those G2F feet classic and fashionable.
    We even have some the Genesis 3 Female’s feet! “Omega Boots G3F” by SynfulMindz are some badass boots and will turn your G3F into the ultimate stomp queen!
    So there you have it! Great new props, poses, and shoes for your lovely ladies.

    Fredel, Chocolate, Ambrosia3d, Miki3dx, farconville, Sledgehammer, and BoxcutterBeauty!!

    4/17/2017 1:34:06 PM by FunFungi

    We’re back again on a beautiful Monday with more of those favorite 3D items you’ve been waiting for! It’s been quite the busy week for us here so let’s not waste any more time and get this show on the road. Check it out…
    Starting off with a few new things for your Genesis 3 Female characters, we have a brand new FREE dress by Fredel! Slip into “Jun’s Flower Dress” today! Why stop there? Ambrosia3d’s wonderful textures continue with “Iray Texture Pack 49 For G3F Genitalia”!
    We have more fantastic clothing for G3F as well! BoxcutterBeauty is back with “BCB Honey Outfit For G3”! Select from beautiful Satin and Lace textures.
    If it’s poses you’re looking for it’s poses you’ll get! Sledgehammer’s “FetishAffair For G3 Couple” is here and at an amazing sale price for a limited time.
    Let’s see what farconville has! “Faces 3 For Genesis Male, M5 And Heroic M5” will turn that frown upside down and more!
    Miki3dx has a new prop that is strong, durable, and full of fun! “Strapless Dildo” is available now!
    Lastly, don’t forget to check out Chocolates “Tentacle Leech”! Dive into their sci fi world of adventure and…tentacles!
    That’s all for today! Check back Wednesday for more!

    Xameva's STOREWIDE SALE!

    4/14/2017 6:39:13 PM by Xameva

    20% OFF everything in Xameva's catalog! Expressions, Dickgirls, Female Orgasms, BDSM/Rough Sex - whatever you need it's here!

    Wandrer, Fredel, Miki3dx. DubTH, farconville, Ambrosia3d, and DarkDesire!!

    4/14/2017 3:26:23 PM by FunFungi

    Is it Friday already? Where does the time go! You know what this means. It’s time to dive into some new arrivals! Check it out…
    Wandrer’s newest addition to their sci fi adventure “Repossessed Part 4” is now here. What is reality? What is a dream? Find out!
    We have been graced with the beautiful presents of a new female character. Fredel’s “Jun G3F” is mature and available now. Lovely!
    Don’t forget we also have a great selection of 3d erotica! A new title includes Miki3dx’s “Bimbo Training Sessions One”!
    DubTH’s “Enema Toolkit” will keep all those hard to reach places clean! Contains 3 different tools.
    Get down with farconville’s “Faces 2 Bundle For Genesis, M5, Genesis 2 Males, M6, Genesis 3 Males And M7”! Save 50% when you choose this bundle!
    Ambrosia3d is back with another fantastic texture back for those G3Females! This one is “Iray Texture Pack 48 For G3F Genitalia”!
    Lastly, get your hands on “Triped Stalker Attack For G3F Set 01” by DarkDesire! Get those sci fi renders equipped with these great poses!
    There you have it! Enjoy these new products and have a great weekend!

    will2power, Ace Pyx, Plymouth, Chocolate, SynfulMindz, 3D Simon, and powerage!!

    4/12/2017 3:35:55 PM by FunFungi

    We’ve made it to Wednesday! I think you know what that means…we have a whole bunch of new products available now! We love them and so will you! Check it out…
    “The Pipe Restraint Stand” by will2power is here! Hold on to those secrets because this stand will make you talk!
    Ace Pyx has a new set of fluid textures and materials titled “Splats And Puddles”! You don’t want to miss out on this one!
    If comics are on your mind then we have you covered! We have 2 new ones today. First one is Plymouth’s “Chance Encounters 01” and 3D Simon’s “My StepMom Is A DickGirl?!” You gotta have it!
    Chocolate is back with some sci fi fun. “Tentacle Ball” is a fantastic new prop to complete your scenes.
    Looking for new poses? Great! SynfulMindz has a brand new set of amazing poses! “Nocturnal Me G3F” is available now!
    Lastly, powerage’s “Shibari For G3F – Bracket Set” is also here! Get your fully rigged bracket paired with some poses for G3F today!
    Like always we hope you enjoy these new ones and check back soon for more!

    CGbytes Live Stream 4-14-17: Substance Painter And Bitmap To Material Workflow

    4/12/2017 8:51:25 AM by Teronsuke

    "Substance Painter And Bitmap To Material Workflow" Week two of our Substantial series demystifies Substance Painter, introduces the least talked about tool in this suit, “Bitmap To Material”, and shows you how to use these together for a variety of PBR texturing tasks

    New Stepford

    4/11/2017 5:54:35 AM by lynortis

    City of New Stepford

    SF-Design, Ambrosia3d, Xameva, disordercode, Astaros3d, and choppski!!

    4/10/2017 10:46:28 AM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone! We’re back on a Monday with more of those products you love so much! It’s been a busy weekend so we have a lot to share. Check it out…
    SF-Design is here with some beautiful new eyes for your lovely ladies and gentlemen. “Eyes Collection For Genesis 3 Males And Females” is available now and on sale for a limited time!
    We have some more textures for Genesis 3 Female to add to your collections. Ambrosia3d’s awesome product “Iray Texture Pack 47 For G3F Genitalia” is ready to go! Bend her and watch how your new textures will keep everything in place!
    “ArtDev Flowing Hair And Zbrush Assets” is the most recent from our live training events. You can get this new one for FREE for a limited time. If you’re interested in participating please follow the link in the post to find out when and how!
    Xameva’s “Cock Sucking Lip Morphs For Genesis 3 Female” is just what you need for your ladies luscious lips. Also on sale for a limited time! Sale bonanza over here!
    We have some great new poses for the Femdom lovers. Disordercode’s “She Is Queen” is here. A great new pose set for Michael 7 and Victoria 7.
    If you’re looking for something to ready we have just what you need! “College Girls #1 Part2” by Astaraos3d will fill those fantasies!
    Speaking of comics and image collections, choppski has something to add! “The Submissive Volume 2” is available now! Check it out!
    That’s it for today! Come back Wednesday for more!

    Davo, Freeone, wikkidlester, SF-Design, farconville, Richabri, hatred, and UGAROMIX!!

    4/7/2017 3:37:03 PM by FunFungi

    We’re back on a Friday with some of your newest and soon to be most cherished products! This one is a big one so check it out…
    Davo is back in action with a brand new huge package for Daz and Poser users! “Fetroom 1 For Poser 8+” and “Fetroom 1 For DazStudio 4.8+” is available now! You get a whole whack of new props and poses to use in your new Fetroom. There’s a lot with this one folks so be sure to check out what’s all included!
    We also have a few new comics for you heavy readers! “Dippylark Rehabilitates Dottie Dabbler Bundle” by wikkidlester is here, as well as, hatred’s “The Bathroom Outdoors” and UGAROMIX’s “Roommates Ep.1: Room For Rent”! You get hours of material with these ones!
    Richabri is back to give your home scenes a little beauty! “Home Library” is now here! Get comfortable, relax and enjoy your very own library.
    Lastly, farconville’s “Faces 2 For Genesis 3 Males and Michael 7” is also here! Get those expressions you want in half the time it takes for you to do it yourself!
    Well that’s all for today! Enjoy your weekend and come back soon for more!

    Great_Gonzo, Ambrosia3d, farconville, Zazzy, CynderBlue, Redrobot3D, and Stimuli!!

    4/5/2017 4:25:10 PM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone! Welcome to Wednesday’s product spotlight post. We like to shed some lights on what’s new 3 days a week and today happens to be one of those days! Check out what’s new…
    Let’s start today off on some new comics. We have “Faith – Episode 4 Breeding Party” by Great_Gonzo and Redrobot3D’s “Interspecies Communication 4”! A little something for everyone I’d say!
    We don’t just have comics this week. We also have another great texture pack by Ambrosia3d! Get your hands on “Iray Texture Pack 46 For G3F Genitalia” today!
    Also new, we have farconville’s “Faces 2 For Genesis 2 Males And Michael 6”! A must have for those who need to get those perfect face morphs!
    Zazzy and Xameva are here with “Blowjob Addiction – Poses For V7 and M7”! You get some hot new poses with matching blowjob mouth expressions!
    Don’t forget to also check out CynderBlue’s “CB Laced Front Bodysuit Satin Collection AddOn”! Give your bodysuit’s those different textures! Mix it up a bit!
    Lastly, looping pose master, Stimuli is here! “Reins For Genesis 3 Figures” is fantastic new looping pose set to keep you entertained for hours!
    That’s it for now folks! Enjoy and see you soon!