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    wikkidlester, TheWhiteViper, SynfulMindz, Layla, g545, and Zuleyka!!

    6/20/2018 9:53:21 AM by FunFungi

    We’re back on a Wednesday with more of those items you love the most! We have new 3D products to complete your scenes and 3D erotica to tickle your fancy! Check it out…
    Up first is some brand new 3D Erotica to keep you entertained for hours! Feast your eyes on “Superheroine Heat – Issues 41 – 45” by wikkidlester, “Notes Of A Photographer – Without Text” by TheWhiteViper, and Zyleyka’s “The Queen And Succubus”!
    SynfulMindz is back with “V-Spreader G3F/G8F”! It’s time to work out or just stay put!
    Layla is also here with two brand new fantastic erotic pose sets for your Genesis 8 and 3 characters! Check out “Director’s Cut Poses – Blowjobs G8” and “Director’s Cut Poses – Blowjobs G3” today!
    If you need even more poses we have them! “Throne” by g545 come with 10 new sex positions for your Genesis 3 Characters!

    Napped 6 Now Available!

    6/20/2018 2:39:01 AM by Chaosophia

    Female on Female Napping action in this new set geared to G3F & G8F.

    DaYin, DragiHadzitosic, DubTH, captaintrips, EdArt3D, SkatingJesus, and TheWhiteViper!!

    6/18/2018 11:12:38 PM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone! Hope you had a great and well rested weekend because we have some great new 3D items to wear you out! Check it out…
    DaYin is kicking things off today with their brand new beautiful Asian female character. “Mei Xi For G8F” is available now!
    DragiHadzitosic is also back with something fun. “Furry Butt Plugs” are hear to fulfill your fantasies!
    Speaking of fantasies, DubTH’s “Sounding Tools” is now here! Get these small toys to make your men happy!
    We also have some brand new 3D erotica too! “Candra And The Twins” by captaintrips, SkatingJesus’ “Andaroos Chronicles – Chapter 13”, and “Notizen Eins Fotografen – German Edition” by TheWhiteViper are all here!
    Lastly, complete your sci fi scenes with EdArt3D’s “Morphin Torus” today!

    TheWhiteViper, EdArt3D, Sledgehammer, guhzcoituz, Paradox3D, Meipe, and SynfulMindz!!

    6/15/2018 12:40:35 PM by FunFungi

    It’s Friday and we are back in action once again providing some of the best and most entertaining 3D products around! We have a whole bunch of new ones to get you through the weekend so check it out…
    We have some great new 3D Erotica to start us off today. Get your hands on “Notes of A Photographer – English Edition” by TheWhiteViper and Paradox3D’s “Vanilla Weekend: Part 1-3 Bundle”!
    EdArt3D is also back with some new items to complete your sci fi scenes! “Morphing Sphere” comes with 232 morphs!
    If you need more poses don’t worry! We have “Greylien Attack For G8 Couple” by Sledgehammer!
    Get those bodies you’ve always dreamed of! “GC Breast Preset For Genesis 8 Female” by guhzcoituz is available now!
    Meipe’s “Texture Wizard” is also available! A new texture set for Dicktator or Futalicious!
    Lastly, SynfulMindz is here with “Exhibitor DS”! A new device to keep your Genesis 8 Female strapped in!

    Napped 5 For G3 & G8 Now Available!

    6/14/2018 12:20:17 AM by Chaosophia

    Napped 5 is now available for both G3 & G8!

    Chaosophia, Freeone, Causam, andy3dx, b9Tooner, IWitch, and LEONdigital!!

    6/13/2018 5:58:49 PM by FunFungi

    Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday! We have all those products you’ve been dreaming of and more! So don’t wait and check it out…
    Chaosophia is kicking things off today with some wild new poses for your Genesis 3 Female and Males! “Napped 4 For G3F/G3M” is here with 30 new poses!
    Freeone is also back with “Chrome Plated Probes For Davo Imperial Probes Daz Studio”! Compatible with multiple Davo products so check the blog for all the info!
    It sure is bright out there so be sure to pick up Causam’s “JFon Sunglasses” today!
    We have a couple new 3D Erotica items as well! Check out “Obedient Maid” by andy3dx and b9Tooner’s “Dani & Giselle’s Sexy Squeeze Part 1” today!
    If you need even more poses IWitch has you covered. Get some spooky new lesbian poses with “Naughty Witches”!
    Lastly, dial your sexy up to 11 with LEONdigital’s “Azarea Dark Pleasure Suit” for Genesis 8 Female!

    Richabri, Thunder-3D, Midnite, Godless8, DeepSpace3D, and Loki!!

    6/11/2018 1:49:41 PM by FunFungi

    Hope everyone had a great and well rested weekend because we are coming in strong with another pile of brand spankin’ new product to fulfill your 3D dreams! Check it out…
    Richabri is back in action with “The Prison Yard”. A brand new set with props to give your scenes that vintage prison yard vibe!
    We also have some great new pose sets ready for Genesis 3 and 8 Characters! Get your hands on Thunder-3D’s “Inspiration Poses – Doggy Volume 2 G8” and “Inspiration Poses – Doggy Volume 2 G3”!
    Midnite has just released a lovely new bundle filled with BDSM and bondage! “Ponygirls Bundle Of Fun” is available now!
    Get locked up with “G8 Leather Cuffs V1” by Goddless! Ready for both Genesis 3 and 8 Characters!
    We have even more poses today! “Passion For G3F And G2M – Hands, Knees And…” by DeepSpace3D comes with 10 erotic poses!
    Lastly, Loki has an amazing new female character for Genesis 3 Females! “Millie For G3F” is out now!

    lightBLUE, EdArt3D, Vunter Slaush, LEONdigital, DragiHadzitosic, SynfulMindz, and Vrshy!!

    6/8/2018 6:18:25 PM by FunFungi

    We’ve made it to Friday if you can even believe it! We have just what you need to get you through the weekend. Let’s get right to it! Check it out…
    We’re starting today with something a little natural and hairy! “Growler GP” by lightBLue is a great new female pubic hair prop for G8F and Golden Palace for Genesis 8!
    If you need something more for your Sci-Fi scenes we have just what you need! “Morphing Greebles & Nurnies Group C” by EdArt3D is here!
    Vunter Slaush is also back with something for your pony stalls! Check out “Pony Stall Add-On” available now!
    We also have LeonDigital’s “Azarea Dark Pleasure Mask And Gags” here for Genesis 8 Female!
    If you need more pose sets we have those too! “Anal Lover G8” by DragiHadzitosic gives you 15 poses!
    Keep that head in place with SynfulMindz new “Headcage G3F/G8F”!
    Lastly, flip through the world of Vrshy with “Huge Dickgirl Olivia EP04”! Available now!

    newhere's Summer Sale

    6/7/2018 1:06:42 PM by newhere

    newhere's Summer Sale

    Sledgehammer, Darkseal, Vunter Slaush, EdArt3D, Chaosophia, and sumigo!!

    6/6/2018 12:55:07 PM by FunFungi

    Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! We're back mid week with more of those tasty treats! These products keep rolling in so check it out...

    We have Sledgehammer kicking things off today with their new wild poses! "Plague Attack For G8 Couple" is here and everything you could possibly imagine!

    Darkseal has a double hitter this week with 2 brand new figures! Feast your eyes on "Tarantula" and "Dick Butt"! Oh the choices!

    Once you have your ponies you need to get your very own "Pony Stall"! Created by Vunter Slaush and available now!

    Need a little extra for your Sci-Fi scenes? EdArt3D's "Morphing Greebles & Nurnies Group B" is here and at a sale price for a limited time!

    Get posing with Chaosohpia's "Napped 4 For G8F/G8M"! 

    Lastly, there's nothing like settling in with a good image collection! Sumigo's "Babazon Hive Chapter One The Orcs Revenge - Re-Fur-Bushed" is available now!

    powerage, DubTH, Davo, Freeone, and Vektor!!

    6/4/2018 10:50:24 AM by FunFungi

    We’re back on a Monday! The title may look short but we are nowhere near short of products to keep everyone happy! This week we have a whole bunch of new ones so check it out…
    We have powerage kicking things off today with some double trouble! Get your hands on “Double Dick For G8F”!
    If you need a closer look, DubTH has you covered! “Speculum” is the newest tool ready for Genesis 3 and 8 Female!
    Davo and Freeone are back in action with some new core products and some companion expansions! Ready for Poser or Daz check out “Madlab 6 Expansion Pack 1 For DS 4.8+”, “Madlab 6 Core Package For DS 4.8+”, “Madlab 6 Expansion Pack 1 For Poser 8+”, and “Madlab 6 Core Package For Poser 8+”!
    After all of that, we have a new 3D Erotica item! “SuperHard #1 – Painkiller” by Vektor is available now!

    Buthark Sale

    6/4/2018 12:59:56 AM by Chaosophia

    30% Off Buthark Until 6-11-2018

    SynfulMindz, EdArt3D, Great_Gonzo, DeepSpace3D, Darkseal, and RobertDeep!!

    6/1/2018 1:27:32 AM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone! We’ve made it to Friday and you know what comes with a day like today? More items to complete your 3D Renders! Check it out…
    We have a new one today by the great SynfulMindz! Let your ladies try out “Mouthspreader G3F/G8F” today!
    If you need some more for your sci-fi scenes, EdArt3D has you covered! “Morphing Greebles & Numies Group A” is ready to go!
    We also have some new 3D Erotica! Get your hands on “Black Takes White 06: Shameless Game” by Great_Gonzo, and RobertDeep’s “XXX The Files Something Sexy – Part 2”!
    We gave two exciting new textures created by DeepSpace3D. “MoneyShotz – Pearl Necklace Set 1 For G8F” and “MoneyShotz – Pearl Necklace Set 1 For G3F”!
    Lastly, Darkseal has more for your Anime Girl Sinon! “Re Maid For Anime Girl Sinon” is available now!

    Gonzo Studios, powerage, SynfulMindz, Causam, lightBLUE, Chimera46, EdArt3D, and Chaosophia!!

    5/30/2018 11:06:46 AM by FunFungi

    Hope everyone had a great holiday and is as well rested as we are because we are BACK with more of those 3D products you’ve been looking for. Check it out…
    We’re starting things off today with some 3D Erotica! Dive into the world of Gonzo Studios “Them- Episode 05” and “Busty Elves In Peril – Animation Anthology: Vol 1” by Chimera46!
    Once you’re finished reading, be sure to get your characters some underwear! Powerage’s Ordinary Lingerie For G8F” is available now!
    Additionally, we have “Sugar Train G3F (dForce)” by SynfulMindz! The perfect accessory for any outfit!
    Are you just dying to go on a tropical vacation? Now you can with Causam’s “I Dream Caribbean Cay – Anatopalia”! Take in the sun and the waves!
    “Growler” by lightBLUE is also here! A set of 10 pubic hair props for your Genesis 8 Female available now!
    Get into the world of Sci-Fi With EdArt3D’s “Sci-Fi Room Model C”! On sale for  a limited time.
    Lastly, Get those poses you desire with “Stance And Subtle Temptation” by Chaosophia!

    Vunter Slaush, Richabri, Ostwind, JT2XTREME, Gederix, and Studio_AD!!

    5/25/2018 12:15:17 PM by FunFungi

    And just like that we mad it to Friday! It’s been really busy and boy, do we have a whole bunch of new items to get you through this weekend! Check it out…
    Vunter Slaush is starting things off today with their great new bondage prop for your Genesis 3 and 8 Males! “Spreader Bar” is here now!
    Next up, Richabri creates the ultimate “Utility Truck” to get that job done! On sale for a limited time.
    Ostwinds also back with a great new erotic pose set for Genesis 3 and 8 Females! “Simple Poses 20” is what you’ve been looking for!
    We have some new 3D Erotica also! Get your hands on “FutaErotica Dark Passage” by JT2XTREME, and two new ones by Gederix titled “Tavern Tales Chapter 1” and Tavern Tales Chapter 2”!
    We’re also ending on another comic! Studio_AD’s “Carey Carter Issue 25” is available now!

    Morfium, SynfulMindz, EdArt3D, DeepSpace3D, Kawecki, and SF-Design!!

    5/22/2018 8:55:21 PM by FunFungi

    Hold on to your hats folks because you’re about to be taken through a wild rid of new products! We have something for everyone so check it out…
    We’re starting things off today with some brand spankin’ new 3D Erotica! Flip through the pages of Morfium’s “Lumia And Sarah – Be My Ward!”!
    Next up, SynfulMindz is back with a new textures for your sexy outfits. “Labrynth DS” is here now!
    The fun doesn’t stop there! Complete your sci-fi scenes with EdArt3D’s “Sci-Fi Room Model B” today!
    DeepSpace3D has some fun for your Genesis 8 Males and your Genesis 3 Males with “ManeyShotz For G8M Dicktator” and “MoneyShotz For G3M Dicktator”!
    Kawecki rolled through with a little surprise. A FREE prop for your poser scenes! Perfect to that dungeon you’ve been working on.
    Lastly, get hip with SF-Designs new accessories! Ready for G8M get “Accessories For Genesis 8 Males”!