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    Thana Vampire For Genesis 3 Female

    2/28/2017 11:40:20 AM by SF-Design

    Thana is the lady of darkness, the undead queen of vampires. An undead, vampire character for Genesis 3 Female.

    Sissyboy City

    2/27/2017 2:53:01 PM by lynortis

    Lyno's city of sissyboys

    Funbags For Bethany 7

    2/24/2017 9:51:22 PM by Chaosophia

    More massive funbags for your rendering pleasures!

    farconville, Freeone, babbelbub, 3feetwolf, Vunter Slaush, RumenD, and Epoch!!

    2/24/2017 6:13:28 PM by FunFungi

    Ahh can you feel it?? It’s Friday! To congratulate you all for making it to the weekend we thought we would put a little post together of what’s new in store. You know! The Usual! Check it out…
    “Faces 1 For Genesis 3 Male, M5 And Heroic M5” by farconville is first up here! 10 custom facial morphs without any textures.
    We also have Freeone’s “Deco Deluxe For Daz Studio Deco Redux” is also new! Get those classic patterns for all you art deco furniture!
    Now something a little wacky for you. “Tar And Feathers For Genesis 3 Female(s)” by babbelbub is available! Throw some feathers in front of a fan and your characters will be covered, oh, and it’s FREE!
    We have 3feetwolf’s “New Gens For V7: Update For Genevieve 7” which has been updated and ready to go in the new Daz update.
    Hey all you leather daddies! “Leather Pants” by Vunter Slaush are ready to be pulled on for a night on the town!
    RumenD has some more toys for your fetish collection! “Sex Toys 39” is ready to go. Be careful. They’re glass!
    Ending things today with another fantastic one by Epoch! “The Order Of Lilith” is here and can be read through their Dynamic Comic Viewer. Check out how to load this within!
    Have a great weekend and we will see you Monday!

    2017 Valentines Day Contest Winners

    2/24/2017 3:56:10 PM by Teronsuke

    Cupid has left the building, Valentines Day is over, and all the savvy singles are eating up all the discount candies, and we have the winners of our 2017 Valentines Day Render Contest!

    Dolcett City

    2/24/2017 12:48:19 PM by lynortis

    Dolcettish fun and fantasies

    CGbytes Live Stream 3-3-17: Long Dresses

    2/23/2017 12:42:49 PM by Teronsuke

    One of the most requested topics, long dress, is covered in detail with focus on the specific considerations unique to these kinds of garments. Includes creating custom “body handles” for long cloth deformations, modeling long cloth designs, and tips on sculpting believable morphs for them.

    powerage, Ninchen, 3DZen, Adara3D, Vunter Slaush, DeepSpace3D, and Ambrosia3d!!

    2/22/2017 5:32:29 PM by FunFungi

    Here we are again! It’s time to be excited because we have more new products to shed some light on. It’s Wednesday so let’s hop to it. Check it out…
    We have some new textures by powerage. Check out the huge load that is “Splash VOL5 For G3 Female” today!
    We have some comics as well! Ninchen’s “Fresh Meat 2”, 3DZen’s “Demon Doll House: Ellie’s Dream”, and Adara3D’s “The Reporter” are all available and will keep you entertained for hours!
    Need to do a little jogging? Good! Vunter Slaush has their new product “Sneaker G3M” ready to roll! I mean run!
    With newly released Golgoroth Tracker we have some fantastic poses to go along with it. “PosePack 1 For Golgoroth Tracker” by DeepSpace3D goes with Victoria 4!
    Lastly, another fan favorite! Ambrosia3d’s “Iray Texture Pack 36 For G3F Genitalia”! Get your textures on today!
    Well that’s it for today folks! Enjoy and check back soon!

    SynfulMindz, dravuor, wikkidlester, captaintrips, RumenD, SF-Design, and Nova!!

    2/20/2017 6:48:04 PM by FunFungi

    The weekend is over and we are back on a Monday! You know what that means! We have new products out and ready to go. Exciting stuff here! Check it out…
    This week we shed some light on some beautiful new textures for leggings and tights, along with a great restraint for those hands that just won’t quit! We have some new Vibrators that come in many shapes and sizes. Definitely don’t pass up on those!
    If you’re looking for more textures for those bad ass sport cars then we have that for you too!
    Of course, what kind of day would it be if we didn’t have some new reading material? We have 3 new comics ready full of fantasy, futa, and fun! Also includes some comedy sci-fi! Get your hands on these today!
    That’s all for now! Check back Wednesday for even more amazing new products. Enjoy!

    Easy Controls PLUS For Genesis 3 Male Genital

    2/20/2017 5:51:19 PM by SF-Design

    Do you need a swollen glan or an irregular shaft, a tighter or looser scrotum, a bulbous retracted foreskin, a thicker base? This add on for the original Daz Genesis 3 Male Genital comes with 24 new control/morph dials.

    Sport Socks Pack For Genesis 3 Males

    2/18/2017 6:53:36 PM by SF-Design

    Do you need some sportive socks for your Genesis 3 Male based characters? This product includes 5 socks styles: Sneaker, Ankle, Crew, Soccer and Knee Socks!

    DeepSpace3D, The Dude, Ace Pyx, GeeSee3X, RumenD, captaintrips and Ambrosia3d!!

    2/17/2017 8:16:49 PM by FunFungi

    Hey folks! It’s Friday! Some of us like this day and some of us LOVE this day! Not only is the weekend upon us we also have some new products available now. Check it out…
    DeepSpace3D is back with “Golgoroth Tracker” which is a fantastic new alien creature ready for your sci-fi scenes!
    We also have new fantastic erotic by The Dude! “Lust Unleashed: A Girl Can Dream” is here to stay!
    What happens when you drop items in water? You create a splash! “Splashes, Splats, Swirls, Sprays & Gouges” by Ace Pyx is available now!
    “Hotel Lobby” by GeeSee3X is exactly what it sounds like! A great new scene with props and all. You’ll love it!
    “Modern Fetish 13 – Every Day Makeup” is brought to you by the great RumenD! Add this to your collections today!
    One more for you comic readers! We have “The Nympho” by captaintrips! A huge 334 page comic right at your fingertips.
    And lastly, you can get another addition to you texture collections by Ambrosia3d! “Iray Texture Pack 35 For G3F Genitalia”!

    Ninchen, Spiritfoxy, Darkseal, and Davo!!

    2/15/2017 7:42:00 PM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone! It’s great to be back on a lovely Wednesday with so many new products to introduce you to! Check it out…
    This week we have comics, new stand alone creepy characters and a whole whack of new stuff from fan favorite Davo!
    Ninchen’s “Fresh Meat” is the first chapter to what we can only hope to be followed by even more!
    Spiritfoxy is also back with some amazing new poses titled “The Poetic Pose: Portraits Volume1”! This is on sale for a limited time so check it out!
    This brings us to a creepy crawly stand alone figure by Darkseal. “BugBoy” is here now. The perfect match for your BugGirl!
    Okay now for the heavy hitter! Davo is here with 2 brand new core packs which also have new expansion pack to add even more to your scenes. Available for Daz Studio and Poser! Check it out today!
    That’s everything for today. Come back on Friday for more!

    Add On For Llamaghini Gallopngo By Mattymanx (Iray Extension)

    2/15/2017 7:49:06 AM by SF-Design

    Give your Llamaghini Gallopngo sports car a brand new look and use all the benefits of Iray.

    2017 V Day Contest 3 Days Left!

    2/14/2017 4:08:48 PM by Teronsuke

    Love is in the air,  and so are pheromones... or did someone just burn the roast?  none the less, if you look at your calendars you'll see that Today  is...  VALENTINES DAY... Or as some of us 'lovingly' call it...  SINGLES AWARENESS DAY, but that also means there is only 3 days left for our contest...

    SynfulMindz, wikkidlester, Blackadder, Casualgrapher, nEO, Naama, and Ambrosia3d!!

    2/13/2017 12:48:56 PM by FunFungi

    And we’re back!! It was a busy weekend here so you better believe we have a whole bunch of new fantastic items ready to go! I assure you will not be disappointed. Check it out…
    SynfulMindz is in the house with “Catch Fire G3F”. Their newest seductive set of poses for Genesis 3 Female!
    We have some new comics as well this week! Follow wikkidlester’s adventure “Phoebe Finnley’s Bimbo-Rotic Journey Chapters 15-19”! Need more page turners? Black adder is BACK(adder) with “Dickgirls 10”! Let’s not forget about Casualgrapher. We have “Nocturnal Invasions” here! One more comic to throw at ya! Be sure to get your hands on Naama’s “Lustful Desires – The Nurse” today!
    Okay moving back to pose set! nEO’s “Crew Of Antares V7 Corridors” is here to complete your sci-fi renders.
    Lastly, be sure to check out Ambrosia3D’s “Iray Texture Pack 34 For G3F Genitalia”! That’s right it’s the 34th edition! Don’t pass this up!
    That’s it for today! Hope everyone had a great weekend and come back for more soon!