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    Loki Needs A New Computer SALE!!

    7/16/2018 3:44:31 AM by Loki

    Loki Needs A New Computer, so let's have a sale!

    EdArt3D, Ostwind, Studio_AD, Nun Ya, powerage, Vunter Slaush, Chaosophia, guhzcoituz, and Sexy3DComics!!

    7/13/2018 12:14:43 PM by FunFungi

    We finally made it to Friday and I know everyone is ready for the weekend! So fill the next few days up with some 3D fun! Check it out…
    EdArt3D is back with some more of their sci-fi amazement! “Gynoid Swimwear Two For G3F And G8F” is here and on sale for a limited time!
    We have brand new poses by Ostwind too! Add “Simple Poses 21” to your pose library and enjoy!
    If you need some more 3D Erotica you’re in the right place! “Carey Carter Issue 26” by Studio_AD, “The Tutor” by Nun Ya, and Sexy3DComics’ “Blacked 01-03 Bundle” is available now!
    Dive into some water with any of powerage’s new sexy swimsuits! “Hot Summer 2018 For G8 Females” is here!
    We have more from Vunter Slaush for your Genesis 8 males! “Conquer And Surrender Poses” are out now to complete your renders!
    There are also two pose packs for both Genesis 3 and 8 Females by Chaosophia! “Napped 6 G8F” and “Napped 6 G3F” are available now!
    Lastly, get the morphs and shapes you need with guhzcoituz’s “Thicc Project For G8F”!

    Sweet Summer Rain

    7/13/2018 7:21:49 AM by causam


    Creampies for G3F update to add Golden Palace compatibility

    7/13/2018 5:21:09 AM by DeepSpace3D

    MoneyShotz - CreamPies for G3F is now compatible with both Golden Palace and New Genitalia for V7.

    Sexy3DComics, Sledgehammer, SynfulMindz, Vunter Slaush, Davo, IWitch, LEONdigital, powerage, DeepSpace3D, and CrazySky3D!!

    7/11/2018 10:39:53 AM by FunFungi

    It’s only mid-week but we have more new 3D items ready to give your renders those missing touches! Whether it’s poses, textures, or 3D Erotica, we have what you’re looking for. Check it out…
    We’re starting things off with some new 3D Erotica! Spend hours in this world with Sexy3DComics’ “Blacked 03: Anniversary”! 70 pages available now for your PDF readers!
    If you’re in need of some new poses look no further! We have Sledgehammer’s “Office Affair For G8 Couple”, IWitch’s “Summertime Fun” and two from DeepSpace3D titled “Passion For G3M And G3F – Rodeo” and “Passion For G8F And G8M – Rodeo”!
    SynfulMindz is also back with something to keep your girls in place! “Spank Me” is available now for G3F and G8F!
    Next up, we have “Humbler” by Vunter Slaush! A new prop for both Genesis 3 and 8 Male genitalia!
    Davo is back in action with something for both Daz Studio and Poser! “Hypno-Tronic 2 Mind Control Devices For Daz Studio 4.8+” and “Hypno-Tronic 2 Mind Control Devices For P8+” is available now!
    If you need something for your bondage scenes, LEONdigital has just the thing for you! “Dark Touch” comes with a suit and mask for Genesis 8 Female!
    “10 Open Crotch Panties For G8F” by powerage is also here! A great addition to your closet!
    Lastly, get your hands on CrazySky3D’s “Human Cage With G3F & G3M Poses” today!

    Meet April for G3F (And Sale)

    7/9/2018 12:47:29 PM by Loki

    They say April Showers brings May flowers, but what will she bring to your next renders? Meet April Showers, Loki's latest G3F Character pack, she comes loaded with options so she's ready for any situation you want to use her in!

    lightBLUE, DragiHadzitosic, Halcyone, Causam, Great_Gonzo, Ninchen, Chaosophia, DubTH, and 3dlust!!

    7/9/2018 11:17:09 AM by FunFungi

    After a busy weekend we are back on a Monday with more of those 3D products you desire! Let’s get right to it! Check it out…
    lightBLUE is starting things off today with “Growler D”! A new set of conforming pubic hair for Genesis 8 Male!
    Dazzle up your toy game with DragiHadzitosic’s “Furry Butt Plugs 2”! If you have the first edition you need the second!
    Halcyone is also back with “dForce Sports Suits Victoria 8”! This is a new set of athletic wear for your G8F!
    Get the best bikini of your life with Causam’s “I Dream Bikini Bundle”! A great set of swimwear for both Genesis 8 and 3 Females!
    We also have some new 3D Erotica. Take in the pages of Great_Gonzo’s “Slayer: Apocalypse 08”, and Ninchen’s “Bound By Love – Chapter 3” today!
    Chaosophia has 2 pose sets out today. Check out “Napped 5 For G8F/G8M” and “Napped 5 For G3F/G3M”!
    Add some more toys to your collection with DubTH’s “Unihorn Dildo”!
    Lastly, “Chair Sex Poses For Genesis 8” by 3dlust is available now! Great new poses to get you through your day!

    Kalamar, SynfulMindz, Sledgehammer, Causam, Freeone, Hibbli3D, EdArt3D, Vunter Slaush, and Halcyone!!

    7/6/2018 9:46:49 AM by FunFungi

    We’ve made it to Friday! You know what that means. A whole bunch of brand new products available now to complete your renders! Hope you had a great week because your weekend is going to be even better! Check it out…
    Kalamar is also here with “G8F Body Harness”! Perfect for your bondage scenes.
    SynfulMindz also has a new device to give your ladies some fun. “Get More” is available now!
    If you need more poses, Sledgehammer has you covered! “Pumping Iron 2 For G8 Couple” is just what you’re looking for!
    Causam is back with some shorts that give the perfect exposure. “I Dream Atomic Hot Pants” is here for Genesis 3 and 8 Females!
    Freeone has something for you Madlab fanatics! “Madness Poses For Davo’s Madlab 6 Genesis 8 Male & Female” is out now!
    We have some new 3D Erotica with Hibbli3D’s “Knight Elayne – Untold Stories Chapter 3”! Full of fantasy fun!
    EdArt3D keeps creating some real favorites! “Fundoshi Protective Bandages for G3F And G8F” is their new product available now! On sale for a limited time!
    Vunter Slaush has more for your men! “Butt Machine” is a great new prop you won’t want to pass up on!
    Lastly, get styling in Halcyone’s “Summer Outfit For Victoria 8” out now!


    7/5/2018 12:30:46 PM by captaintrips

    Octavia, the latest in the Empress Chronicles series is now available in the store.

    DaYin, disordercode, faintblue, newhere, powerage, Redrobot3D, DeepSpace3D, DubTH, IWitch, EdArt3D, and LEONdigital!!

    7/4/2018 9:35:42 AM by FunFungi

    It’s been so busy here lately so we have a whole bunch of brand new products available now! Our Wednesday blog is jam backed with all the 3D fun you’ve only imagined! Check it out…
    DaYin is kicking things off today with another beautiful new Asain character for Genesis 8 Female! Get “Fan Bing For G8F” today!
    If you’re in need of some new erotic poses disordercode and faintblue have it covered. “Damp 2 For V8 and M8” are the perfect poses you’ve been looking for!
    Also up, we have newhere’s “School Girl Comes With Rig”! This new character is Ready for LightWave.
    Drive around town with powerage’s “Porn Truck For DS Iray”! Include one mighty truck figure with multiple parts!
    Looking for some new reading material? Check out Redrobot3D’s “Cara Lox Private Workout Finale” today!
    DeepSpace3D has more for to make your scenes ultra-realistic! “MoneyShotz – Cream Pies Set 1 For G8F” is now here!
    Add something to your toy collection with “Woman’s Best Friend: Riding out Fantasy Materials” by DubTH!
    We have even more poses to complete your scenes! Cast spells with IWitch’s “Naughty Witches G8” today!
    “Gynoid Swimwear One For G3F And G8F” by EdArt3D is also available. This two piece is on sale for a limited time so get it while you can at a great low price!
    Lastly, feast your eyes on LEONdigital’s new amazing character “Azarea For G8F”! Half demonic and half human. How could you go wrong?

    Natural Pubic Hair Options For Genesis 3 Females

    7/4/2018 4:06:08 AM by SF-Design

    Natural Pubic Hair Options for all Genesis 3 Female based characters with the ability to easily change the color to any RGB custom color using the LIE Editor. Includes options for the Genital figure and the Torso section as well.

    Gonzo Studios, Barbarianbabes, FT_Design, Causam, Chaosophia, and SynfulMindz!!

    7/2/2018 3:44:20 PM by FunFungi

    We’re back on a Monday! Hope everyone one had a great and rejuvenating weekend because we have some more products to blow you away! Check it out…
    If you’re looking for some Sci-Fi 3D Erotica, you’re at the right place. “From Beyond (Lovecraft)” by Gonzo Studios is available now with 92 pages!
    The babes are back! Barbarianbabes that is! “Sexy 21” is their brand new game to keep you playing for hours!
    FT_Design has 2 new ones for you! “Intimate Safety Device For Genesis 8 Female” and “Collar With Chain For Genesis 8 Female” are available now!
    It sure is getting out here so strip down with “I Dream Jewel Top Low Rise Bikini” by Causam! Ready For Genesis 3 Females!
    We have some brand new poses too! Chaosophia has created over 30 poses in “Buthark – The True Secret Of The Runes”!
    Lastly, keep your ladies in place with SynfulMindz’s “Examinate!”! Available today!

    Tentacle Trap Sale

    7/1/2018 6:06:38 AM by newhere

    40% OFF

    Ambrosia3d, EdArt3D, Sledgehammer, Thunder-3D, Blake Stronge, and Causam!!

    6/29/2018 12:14:19 PM by FunFungi

    Alright folks! If you had a big long week, it’s time to settle down and enjoy the new items we have in store! These will get you through your weekend and more! Check it out…
    Ambrosia3d is back in action with something new for your Genesis 3 Females! “Fucking Machine For G3F” is here and it is fantastic!
    We have more from EdArt3D to complete your sci fi scenes too. “Morphing Cone” is delightful and on sale for a limited time!
    Sledgehammers the name and posing is their game! “Pumping Iron For G8 Couple” is here now for all sorts of work outs!
    Thunder-3D has two new ones for either Genesis 3 or 8 Characters! “Inspiration Poses – Missionary Volume 2 G8” and “Inspiration Poses – Missionary Volume 2 G3” is available now!
    We have one new 3D Erotica issue this week. Get your hands on “The Basement Part 2” by Blake Stronge!
    Lastly, “I Dream Japanese Nighty Set” by Causam is here for those sexy and cozy nights!

    40% OFF Select Content

    6/27/2018 1:14:43 PM by Chaosophia

    40% Off Selected store content until the end of the month.

    DubTH, TheWhiteViper, Vunter Slaush, farconville, powerage, EdArt3D, and Darkseal!!

    6/27/2018 12:26:28 PM by FunFungi

    And we’re back! On a Wednesday of all days! You know we have all those new products you’ve been waiting for so let’s get right to it. Check it out…
    DubTH is back in action with “Medieval Underwear For G3F/G8F”! Get those fantasy under garments out in the open!
    We also have some new 3D Erotica! “Juliane On Vacation” by TheWhiteViper is available now with 64 pages of action!
    It’s time to take a vacation with a new one by Vunter Slaush. Get total relaxation in “Hot Spring” today!
    If you’re looking for some great new poses, look no further! We have more from farconville with “Cocky For Michael 8”!
    “50 Full Body Fishnet For G8F” by powerage is also here! This sexy new one piece will not let you down!
    Get those sci-fi renders complete with EdArt3D’s “Morphing Cylinder” today!
    Lastly, Darkseal’s “Goblin” is also available! Get this little creepy ghoul for hours of fun!