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    10/18/2019 1:23:49 AM by Chaosophia

    Get 30% OFF Until the end of Helloween... Everything on SALE! Get your discount while you can!

    Naama, gun3d, LEONdigital, Ambrosia3d, Pat, vyktohria

    10/18/2019 12:39:02 AM by Community Manager

    Another week is now in the books and it's finally time for the weekend! hope everyone has a great (or at least good) weekend, let's just keep this short and sweet and check in with Naama, gun3d, LEONdigital, Ambrosia3d, Pat and vyktohria to see what great new products they have for us!

    2019 Alien Invasion Render Contest WInners

    10/15/2019 7:42:38 PM by Community Manager

    The mothership has left the atmosphere and the alien fleet has followed suit! so the winners of the 2019 Alien Invasion Render Contest are ready to be revealed!

    Barely Hangin' On Sale

    10/15/2019 11:41:46 AM by causam

    Causam's having another store-wide sale!

    LEONdigital, kaluma, Ostwind, nEO, powerage, Layla

    10/14/2019 12:11:27 AM by Community Manager

    Well... It's Monday again, hope everyone made the most of their weekends, OR at the very least things went smoothly.  We are ready to kick off a brand new week so let's just get right to it and check in with LEONdigital, kaluma, Ostwind, nEO, powerage and Layla to see what great new products they have for us!

    Napped 12 Out Now!

    10/13/2019 3:10:13 AM by Chaosophia

    Napped 12 For G8F & G8M OUT NOW!

    Flying Tiger

    10/12/2019 10:34:37 AM by causam

    Aviatrix is getting some additional mats.

    2019 Alien Contest Update...

    10/11/2019 4:19:56 PM by Community Manager

    Update on the 2019 Alien Invasion Contest...

    Chaospree Round 2

    10/10/2019 2:06:40 AM by Chaosophia

    Next round of Chaospree...

    Ark Enceladus destroyed

    10/8/2019 1:09:42 PM by wda38

    Lost writings

    SonofSailor, Goldenmaster, CrazySky3D, DragiHadzitosic, SynfulMindz, farconville

    10/7/2019 1:14:12 AM by Community Manager

    Well another weekend has come and gone, hope everyone's weekend went as planned, here in community manager land the weekend ended up being one of relaxation and naps and NOT a house filled with mini demons. But enough of my rambling, let's check in with SonofSailor, Goldenmaster, CrazySky3D, DragiHadzitosic, SynfulMindz and farconville and see what great new products they have for us!

    Game: All The Glory (Live camera testing)

    10/4/2019 5:11:35 PM by newhere

    Live feed.........

    Jimrestaurant, CrazySky3D, Pendavos, EdArt3D

    10/4/2019 12:07:05 AM by Community Manager

    Annnd... who's ready for the weekend?  Well, ready or not the weekend is here!  Hope you all have some decent plans to look forward to, here in community manager land I'll be invaded with lil demons so I'll need a weekend to recover from my weekend lol,  but enough of all that, let's check in with Jimrestaurant, CrazySky3D, Pendavos and EdArt3D and see what great new products they have for us!

    Encore Over But here comes the ChaoSpree

    10/3/2019 1:17:09 AM by Chaosophia

    The sale is over, but the fun isn't... More wonderful surprises in store for you...

    Island Adventure in Store

    10/2/2019 11:47:52 AM by sonofsailor

    My new comic Island Adventure is now in the store.

    6 Hours Left of the Encore Sale

    9/30/2019 5:44:08 PM by Chaosophia

    Only 6 hours left to get your 50% discount!