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    Calling All Fans Of Demon Deth, RumenD, Jag, Farconville, and Hibbli3d!



    Here we are again with some real doozies! Time to shed some light on our brand new products! So lets get into it...

    We've got a new edition of Semi-Realistic Mocca for V4.

    But wait that's not all!
    There are some new arrivals in our Comics department. There you shall find a new bundle by Jag containing a few episodes of Witches - Pursuing Immortality. Also we have a new one by Hibbli3D! That's right! Dig your fingers into this new one titled "Thief Ezri - Don't Get Caught Again".

    Don't forget to also check out Farconville's new Swimsuit for Genesis 2 Male. You won't be disappointed.

    So enjoy this lovely Wednesday and get crackin' on these new products!

    Take care!

    Artist Spotlight: pandoramail


    We sat down with pandoramail and asked "How do you decide what type of sex toys to make?"
    For the shapes and functionality I often base my ideas on some real toy and sometimes I stick with it and sometimes I don't. I experiment with the shapes and elements, testing out what fits and what not, what looks fun (or painful). More often than not I tend to leave some various morphs for the final user to play with and decide on the overall feel of each toy.

    Check out the rest of Pandoramail's spotlight interview inside.

    RumenD, Stimuli, and SynfulMindz Coming Your Way!


    Hope everyone had a great and restful weekend because we've got some new products that are going to keep you up at night!

    Check out SynfulMindz new Sweet Pie Sandals for V4 and don't forget to cash in on that sale while it lasts!

    That's not all!

    Wall 2 for WMV4, M4 and Karina Vag Mk2 by Stimuli, and last but not least, Sex Toys 12 by RumenD!

    All of these amazing products Available Today!

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