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    g545, Chocolate, shadoman, UGAROMIX, SamuelKhan, CGbytes, SF-Design, and farconville!!

    6/26/2017 10:12:24 AM by FunFungi

    Monday Monday Monday! Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend but now it’s time to dive into the nitty gritty! Let’s see what’s new in store. Check it out…
    First up we have a new one from g545. “Slaves And Pets Poses For Genesis 3 Female” has 19 full body poses with 4 simple poses. Perfect!
    Chocolate is back with some tentacle action. “Tentacle Sucker” is here to bring those sci fi renders to the next level.
    We have some great new comics and image collections too! Get into shadoman’s “Flesh Merchants 3”, UGAROMIX “Roommates Ep.2: Yummy Cookies”, and SmauelKhan’s “Mayhem Digest No.1”! Ya gotta have it!
    We have another one of our awesome live training session products available! Free for a limited time! Try out “ArtDev Mechaniacle Zbrush Resources 1” today!
    SF-Design is here with “Armpit Hair Options For Genesis 3 males And MR”! On sale for a limited time!
    Lastly, get posing with another one of farconville’s great pose sets. “XXX For M7M7” is here!
    That’s it for now! Enjoy your Monday and all of these new ones!

    The Industrial Empire

    6/26/2017 4:05:14 AM by lynortis

    Governments and national states are a thing of the past, worldwide companies took over and created the Industrial Empire. It is a rough world. No stocks, no civil rights. No money, no rights at all.

    Nun Ya, SynfulMindz, Wandrer, SkatingJesus, Dr-X, and Davo!!

    6/23/2017 8:52:25 PM by FunFungi

    Congratulations! We’ve made it to Friday. We have a whole bunch of new ones for you! So let’s get right to it so you can dive in and get all that good stuff you’ve been waiting for! Check it out…
    It’s a busy day here in the 3D Erotica department. We have a few new ones. First up we have Nun Ya’s “The Queen”.
    We also have sci-fi extraordinaire “Repossessed Part 6” by Wandrer.  Why not also dive into the huge comic by SkatingJesus titled “Andaroos Chronicles – Chapter 9”!
    Yes! There’s more! Dr-X’s “Book Of Temptation” is also available!
    Also what you’ve all been waiting for! Davo’s “Hypno-Tronic Mind Control Devices For Daz Studio 4.8+” and “Hypno-Tronic Mind Control Devices For P8+”! Definitely don’t pass up on these ones!
    Lastly, “Spice Me Up G3F” by SynfulMindz is also here! An incredible now pose set that comes with 20 poses!
    That’s it for today! As always enjoy these new ones and have a great weekend!

    Pubic Hair For Golden Palace

    6/23/2017 9:57:06 AM by SF-Design

    This product comes with a wide variety of pubic hair styles to choose from.

    Finally Going Home Sale & Attractive Shapes For G8F

    6/23/2017 12:46:24 AM by Chaosophia

    18 Days away until we are finally back home. Time to celebrate a bit.

    CGbytes Live Stream 6-24-17: Mecha-niacle Pt. 3

    6/22/2017 1:57:52 PM by Teronsuke

    Continuing the "Mecha-niacle" series, we'll be looking even deeper into the workflows combining Zbrush and Substance Painter to achieve startlingly real PBR texturing. Will cover advanced use of masking and ID maps, as well as Opacity and Emissive channels in Substand Painter

    powerage, farconville, BoxcutterBeauty, SF-Design, Apocalypse 3DX, 3feetwolf, and Fantasy Inc!!

    6/21/2017 5:05:09 PM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone! We’re back because it’s a Wednesday and we have so many new products to show you. Hold on to your hats because you’re about to be taken for a wild ride! Check it out…
    We have powerage back with what they do best! Making your torture scenes truly magical. “Punished – Sperm Rack For G3F” is here!
    We ain’t stopping there though. We also have “Willy Wanker For Michael 7” by farconville! On sale for a limited time!
    “Bao” is a new outfit with a Dudou by BoxcutterBeauty. A lovely new underwear set for Genesis 3 Females.
    SF-Design isn’t slowing down because they’ve got a brand new pubic hair product. “Pubic Hair Options For Genesis 3 Female Based Characters” is available now!
    Moving along, we have “D-Girls 2 For V4” by Apocalypse 3DX! Get that V4 posing in positions you’ve only dreamed of!
    3feetwolf has some more great updates. We have “New Gens For V7: Update For Ophelia 7”! The best!
    Lastly, feast your eyes on some new 3D Erotica by Fantasy Inc! This one is titled “Dickgirl Paradise 01: Bridal Party”!
    That’s all for today! Enjoy these new ones and check back on Friday for more!

    Darkseal, Chaosophia, Casgra, dravuor, sumigo, Miki3dx, CynderBlue, and Chocolate!!

    6/19/2017 12:58:51 PM by FunFungi

    Here we are again! It’s Monday and I know some of y’all hate Mondays but that’s why we’re here! To give you some of that great new 3D art and erotica action! So let’s not waste any more time. Check it out…
    Darkseal is here with something cute, lovley, and maybe even a bit mythical? “MyTH – My Tiny Horse” is ready for Poser 7 and is a stand alone figure! Yay? Or Neigh? Get it??
    We have some beautiful marble textures and shaders too. Chaosophia’s “Marble Iray Shaders” is available now!
    “Lustragona Part 1 & 2” by Casgra is here! Ready to dive into some fantasy fun? Then you gotta check this one out.
    That’s not the only 3d erotica in stores. We also have “Strange And Steamy” by sumigo and “Bumbo Training Session Two” by Miki3dx!!
    Need to fix something? Need to keep someone quiet? “Taped” by dravuor is here to do just that!
    CynderBlue always brings it with maximum beauty. “CB Blue Risque G3F” is a new outfit for your female characters.
    Lastly, Chocolate’s “Scene of Insert With Sperm Included” is available now too. A scene to get you started! Don’t pass it up!
    That’s it for today! Hope you had a great weekend and check back soon for more.

    Easy Breast For Genesis 8 Females

    6/18/2017 7:43:27 PM by SF-Design

    This product comes with 45 additional control dials for more control over the breast movement and shaping.

    Vunter Slaush, Ambrosia3d, SF-Design, farconville, RumenD, SynfulMindz, hatred, and powerage!!

    6/16/2017 4:05:50 PM by FunFungi

    We’ve made it to Friday. Can you believe it?? What would your end of the week be without some spotlights? Let’s get right to it and see what’s new! Check it out…
    First up, Vunter Slaush has a new room for you to relax and re charge! “Massage Room” is here with 10 poses for your G3M characters.
    Ambrosia3d is also back with “Victoria 7 Vagina & Anus Colors For Cayman G3F UV”! Change the texture and color of Genesis 3 Female.
    “Pubic Hair Options For Genesis 3 Male Based Characers” by SF-Design is here to scatter a little hair on your body. On sale for a limited time!
    Farconville has a fantastic new pose set too. “VaVaVoom For Michael 7” is comprised of 12 poses for M7 and is also on sale for a limited time!
    RumenD is making even more for your sex toy chest. Collect them all and include “Sex Toys 52”!
    Also in the shop, we have “Tie Me Up G3F” by SynfulMindz! They’ve created some special furniture for some restraint fun!
    We have just one comic available today! This is an image collection created by hatred titled “Fuck My Teacher”! Classic fantasy!
    Lastly, we have powerage’s “Hardcore-R10 For G3 Females”! A sexy dress figure that is customizable.
    Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

    New Stepford

    6/16/2017 9:29:00 AM by lynortis

    City of New Stepford

    CGbytes Live Stream 7-1-17: Mecha-niacle Pt. 4

    6/15/2017 2:32:59 PM by Teronsuke

    One single subject, both large and small - Rigging. In this session, we will look at techniques and strategies for rigging mechanical figures like the Dark Void All Terrain Walker used throughout this series.

    CGbytes Live Stream 6-17-17: Mecha-niacle Pt. 2

    6/15/2017 2:25:58 PM by Teronsuke

    in this installment we discuss and examine topology as it relates to hard surface modeling, polygrouping and edge flow strategies to help build optimal uv's, edge creasing and other factors of the process as related to this type of model.

    Pubic Hair Options For New Genitalia For V7

    6/14/2017 11:17:47 AM by SF-Design

    15 Pubic Hair LIE Presets for the New Genitalia for V7 by 3feetwolf

    Loki, Ambrosia3d, 3D Simon, Nun Ya, RumenD, GCX, SF-Design, and DYYS!!

    6/14/2017 11:11:18 AM by FunFungi

    Hello! Here we are again with some of those bangin’ new products you’ve been just dying to get your hands on. Let’s dive right in. Check it out…
    Loki is back with something a little different! We have “Paige For G3F” available now. Their first character can be the girl next door. A sexy little minx and everything in between!
    “Aiko 7 Vagina And Anus Colors For Cayman UV” by Ambrosia3d is also available. Change the textures of your lovely ladies.
    What would be a spotlight post without some good ol’ fashion 3d Erotica? We have “Mika & Layla: Quick And Dirty!” by 3D Simon, “The Summoning” by Nun Ya, and GCX’s “Episode 001”!
    Might as well add to your naughty toy collection with RumenD’s “Sex Toys 51”! Get your hands on these Brutal Dildos.
    We have SF-Design’s beautiful new textures “Easy Metal – Custom Shader For Iray”. Not only are they super lovely they’re also on sale for a limited time!
    Lastly, we have one more character for your Genesis 3 Females. Check out “Liu Mei For G3F” by DYYS!
    Enjoy these new products and check back soon for more!

    Armpit Hair Options For Genesis 3 Males And MR

    6/11/2017 12:39:38 PM by SF-Design

    A wide variety of armpit hair styles for all Genesis 3 Males. Different styles for different occasions. Whether you need a kinda hairy man, a trimmed look or some sparse hair.