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Freeone, Supro, 3D Simon, Ambrosia3d, farconville, DR-X, and Casgra!!

3/27/2017 3:44:26 PM by FunFungi

Monday Monday Monday! That’s right folks. After a nice and well deserved weekend we are back with some more products to tickle your fancy! Check out what’s new…
Freeone has created a new Material and Pose add-on for Poser and Daz Studio for Darkseal’s BugBoy. You don’t want to pass up on “Dread Bug Daz Studio Iray Add-On For Darkseal’s BugBoy” and “Dread Bug Poser 11 Superfly Add-On For Darkseal’s BugBoy”!
We have more for those of you trying to get some new erotic reading material! Now available is Supro’s “Succubus Lust”, 3D Simon’s “4 In One – Best Of Futanari Bundle!”, Dr-X’s “Study Partners”, and lastly, Casgra’s “Dark Alley Lover”! Phewf, now that’s a lot of art!
Moving along, farconville’s “Faces 1 Bundle For Genesis, G2M, G3M, M5, M6, And M7”! Turn that frown upside down, or just try out a new face for once!
Let’s finish off today on a fan favorite! That’s right, we have another collection by Ambrosia3d. “Iray Texture Pack 43 For G3F Genitalia” is here and ready to make those Genesis 3 Females stand out!
That’s what we have for you today. We hope you love these and check back soon for more.

CGbytes Live Stream 3-31-17: Character Compatibility Enhancement

3/27/2017 12:44:15 PM by Teronsuke

In this session, we'll cover techniques on sculpting new corrections, replacing generated morphs and more to help get more mileage out of your existing content.  Join us Friday March 31st at 1pm est....


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Concrete Shader Presets For Iray And Merchant Resource

3/27/2017 1:34:30 PM by SF-Design

Perfect for floors, walls, sculptures, statues and any object with a stony / concrete surface.
A nice selection of different concrete surfaces. Smooth ones, rough ones and also wall or floor tiles. All are seamless for perfect tiling if needed.

Breakthrough importing G3

3/26/2017 7:41:40 PM by Geramdrir

For some time now i am trying to get G3 into C4D to have a working environment to continue with my picture and story work after i had lost V4 due to a discontinuing of a vital plugin. Looking for a new solution was not very successful in the last year although i tried mayn things.
Last week i had a breakthrough by some discoveries...


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