Dirty Dogging: Queen Bitch And The Debauched Awakening Of Dee
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Dee had been following up on reports and rumours about this statuesque blond that had been salaciously engaging with groups of perverts around the city, in alleyways, abandoned buildings and in parks. Over the last year bits and pieces of information had come her way, but there had never been anything specific to track this blond down or build a story on.
By all accounts this blond was well dressed and carried herself with an air of confidence and high social graces. The incongruity of whom this woman appeared to be and of the activities she reportedly engaged in had intrigued Dee to the point of obsession, who was this woman, was she an executive whom had gone off the rails, a good Samaritan of sorts giving something back to the desperate perverts of the world? She wanted to know her story, needed to know her story. Her editor at the magazine on the other hand was not so understanding and had barred her from pursuing the story further.
However, when a hard piece of information about a time and location had come her way she couldn’t help herself. She was determined to find this woman. So here she was, secreted away in an abandoned warehouse waiting, where dust blanketed everything and the air was rank with decay. She looked around at where she was and thought that there may be something to this obsession thing of hers.

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Dirty Dogging: Queen Bitch And The Debauched Awakening Of Dee

SKU: 56483
By: Eloo

A reporter obsessed, Dee is on the trail of a story which taps into the darkest core of her being, a hidden side of herself which she does not yet acknowledge or understand. So now she waits, concealed in an abandoned warehouse for the mystery blond to appear.


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