Lali Lite 3 - Disco Dragon - Part 3
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Finally, after a two year hiatus, I returned to the land of naughty stories beginning of this year (2019). After releasing the small but fun "The Shagging before Xmas" I could commit fully to comic work again like back in 2012. And now I proudly present the long awaited Disco Dragon part 3

Thank you very much for being patient, sorry to keep you waiting.
I decided to stick to the original plan of a four part series, with part 3 catching up on some of the vital story missed in part 2, and setting you up for the upcoming part 4.

The Disco Dragon part 3 shows Lali's progress regarding getting Christina laid. How far does she get? who does she involve now? and how will she get it done? It should go without saying that hardcore Christina fans might need to be a little more patient, but I hope that Lali's quest itself is as fun to watch as part 4 will be.
The Disco Dragon part 3 continues in my tradition of flip-book cinematic and (hopefully) immersive step-by-step storytelling using my own sculpts and techniques with my own custom figures, hopefully guaranteeing fairly realistic 3D representations of facial expressions and actual sexual penetration in CGI. I do my best to make these stories not only sexy and believable, but also funny and generally entertaining to also sit back and read. I hope you like it!

The Disco Dragon is also my first attempt at a comic with a classic three Act story structure, albeit slightly altered as to fit the erotica/porn style and requirements.
Disco Dragon part 4 (and final part) should be done in a month or two. I will do my absolute best. I decided against holding out with part 3 because you have waited long enough (and I really want to show it too!).

Be sure to check out the other two parts (part 1 is free):



Number of Images (pages): 515
Aside from title pages and recap pages, 468 pages are of the actual story (about 30 more than the DD2). Individual renders too many to count.
Image Quality: High, 1920 x 800 (pages: 1920 x 847)
Some pages have split-screen into double or triple panels. These panels occur simultaneously. Split is marked by a small white diamond between them (as shown in the comic intro).
Background conversations are made transparent, some text sizes are done delibarately.
Formats: PDF, CBZ
System Requirements: WinZIP or other unzipping utility
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PC: CDisplayEx, ComicRack, Sumatra PDF
Android: ComicRack
Mac: Comical

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Lali Lite 3 - Disco Dragon - Part 3

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By: Erogenesis

Erogenesis is back and the Disco Dragon part 3 is finally here. Lali's quest to get Christina laid continues! How far does she get?


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