Blackmaled: Shara's Story Pt2
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We pick up after Shara arrives home from the big social conference.  Then a mysterious package arrives that opens up a new set of doors for Shara, a meeting with her friend Aleah ends with her live-streaming a non-safe for work dildo session to her fans.

Then a visit to a club turns kinky and ends with Shara, two twins and Aleah with a camera…

What’s Included:
190 page illustrated story of interracial breeding fun
Some additional promo pages

Number Of Images: 190+ pages
Image Quality: HD
Image Size: 1920 x1080
Image/Comic Format: PDF
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                     Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader
Installation: Simply unzip the folder to your directory of choice

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Blackmaled: Shara's Story Pt2

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By: Sexy3DComics

We pick up after Shara arrives home from the big social conference.


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