PZ60 Leenas Christmas Party Bonus
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It is the Pink Zone office Christmas party with lots of both male and female models invited to party along with the staff. It is the yearly time when some of the mature female staff get their chance to get some action with young model guys and they seem to be going for it. 
Leena is one of the bosses and has had a lot of exeperience with models of both sexes and as she is a bit more businesslike she takes one of the interns into her office to reward him for being a hard worker. 
This a set of mostly outtakes from PZ58 plus...
Other partygoers can not avoid noticing them as they pass through the corridor outside Leena's office.
Models Emma, Lissa and Remy see Leena as she steers his big cock into herself and rides him hard. They hurry into the next room and proceed to eat each other out on top of the big desk.
Leena has a big desk too and as she bends over it she is too busy enjoying being taken from behind to notice how fellow manager Minnie is peeking at them through the glass wall as she too is taken from behind by a young male model.
And if that wasn't enough included are also a few warm up solo pictures of Leena.

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PZ60 Leenas Christmas Party Bonus

SKU: 69647
By: The Pink Zone

This is a set of outtakes from PZ58 plus... Other partygoers see what's happening in Leena's room and give in to their own sexual lusts


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