Futa School: Mean Girls


Chloe has transferred to a new school, hoping to be in classes with girls “like her”. During her first few weeks, she is harassed by Cassidy and Tara, two very hot girls in Miss Amanda's sex education class. One afternoon, Miss Amanada keeps them after class to work out the issues between the three. 

After each girl shares some personal stories with the class, Miss Amanda has to leave the room. Cassidy and Chloe quickly expose Chloe's dilemma, she has been placed in a non-futa group class by accident, and the two girls plan to welcome Chloe to the new school by using her huge cock. 

The two “mean girls” convince the reluctant Futa to allow them to feel and suck her dick until she has a raging hard-on. Then Tara presents her hot little ass and gets the ass fucking of a lifetime. 

It's not soon after, she is fucking both their pussys and cumming gallons all over the two instigators, much to their delight.

What’s Included:

  • 95 2k resolution images with and without text

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Futa School: Mean Girls

SKU: 69496
By: 3DZen

Futa Chloe transfers to a new school where futa and non-futa girls are in separate classes, however, an administrative mistake puts Chloe in the wrong class! Cassidy and Tara are the school “sex” bullies. Who love well-hung futa girls! 95 2k resolution images with comic and without text PDFs


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