The Violinist's Crux Dream
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Claire has always been captive to her crux fantasies. She loved them. She always 
imagined herself in the thralls of crux; she yearned for the masochistic pleasures
it brought her. Humiliation. Pain. Arousal. Helplessness. Claire loved it all. But
she never told anyone. She was very private about it.
Claire was a musician for-hire; she was skilled at the piano, cello, and the violin.
The twist: she was often requested to play her instrument of choice naked, or barely 
clothed at all for very exclusive and particular customers. This line of work brought
her all around the world and she met some very interesting groups of millionaires.
In this episode, she journeys to Oman for a sensual and kinky performance for the son
of the Sultan, Ashar Ibn-Salaam. Once there, she discovers that Ashar is much more 
than what she would have expected. He discovers her passion for crux, and he invites
her to an exclusively singular event - live crucifixion.
Claire accepts. While on this tryst with Ashar, Claire witnesses the crucifixion of
Aazmina Majumdar. Aazmina is a 23-year old hapless college student from Bangladesh 
who was swept up in the national protests, arrested, and ultimately auctioned
off to a secretive cadre of billionaires to do with as they please.

The Violinist's Crux Dream is a cartoon-shaded comic.
All characters are over age 21.
All roleplay is consensual

The Violinist's Crux Dream

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By: TheNextLevel

Claire has always been captive to her crux fantasies. Pain. Arousal. Helplessness. Claire loved it all. Now, she has a chance to witness and partake in real life.


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