Joey late night research part two
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Joey after a very long night of getting destroyed by the monster and the last part of this comic. She got up to try and go home, only to find the door is busted. And wouldn't open. And so. She went to her computer. To call on someone to come to the facility and open the door for her.

To her dismay, she saw. With a camera placed outsidee. A monster able to scale walls and walk on ceilings. 
At this moment, she realized she can't call for help, as the monster will probably come into the room much faster. Then help could arrive.

She looked to her side to see the vent. The vent that the previous monster have opened. She realizes, of course, that they must have could be waiting for her on the other side. But she also knows that it's a very complex system. And in the very least, the monster behind her wouldn't find her.

And so she climbed on into the vent system. And got on to the maintenance floor. She wanted to get a drink from. The Japanese vending machine she found there. Only for her to see something in the darkness. She put on her glasses.  Turn down the hallway light. And nothing... All the sudden, someone from behind her turns off the light.

This. Enjoy 69 plus images. Of. This fateful night!

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Joey late night research part two

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By: Biggusdickus

After getting destroyed by the monster she was doing research on in the last part. She is now trying to escape the facility before more of his monster friends come in.


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