Joey late night research part one
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Joey at 23 year old woman. Working as a lab assistant at the headquarters of the Monster Riders. Monster Riders lately has captured a monster and managed to kill it. It was brought into the lab and left for examination.

Joey was fascinated by the monster and wanted to test what would different chemicals do to his body. And after her boss left. She came in the middle of the night. Back into the lab. sat down and started testing. She immediately noticed how girthy the monster is.

Removing her distractions, she turned herself into her computer and turned on something funny to watch.

She started injecting the master with when chemical after the other. Not to paying attention to him, but rather using data provided by the Gurney. To see what's going on with him.

Little did you know that one of the materials would actually help him come back to life. And that's when our adventure begins!

Joey late night research part one

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By: Biggusdickus

Joey at the late night. Enjoying her time. Working on a specimen That has just been captured by the team. Not knowing the adverse effects of a drug there testing. She injects him only for him to comes back to life. And that's where the adventure begins.


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