Erogirls - Blondes prefer Gentlemen
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A lot has happened since the Disco Dragon and Uncle Errol has decided to 'write a book/comic' about it. The girls stage a press conference for Errol and his art fans in support of his 'book'. In that conference they trick Christina into doing a nude photo shoot. Later that evening Errol brings along his new employee from Iran who also does photography on the side. All the girls immediately fall in line to be photographed by this extremely handsome Persian. To everyone's surprise, Christina manages to get her paws on this stud when she sneaks him into her room while nobody is looking...
This sets the stage for the others to start making plans too. Errol starts to feel the pressure from the ladies and knowing he cannot take them all on (especially not Lali and Laila because of his promise to their daddy) he calls for backup: his associate and buddy "Clips" (original character of my buddy Apocalypse3DX, who Lali calls Appleclips). Clips somehow manages to be in the area very quickly and is welcomed with open arms (and legs) into the flat. Very quickly, Clips gets absorbed into the restless troupe of girls and disappears into Lali's room...
The Press Conference, Home Tour and Photo shoot is required reading for you to understand what's going on here, but they have been provided as an extra download with this comic.

Taller cinematic

With more experience and better computers at my disposal, Blondes prefer Gentlemen (like Nerdgasm) has a slightly taller cinematic image (from 800px to 1000px) than the letterbox type in Disco Dragon. 

One-Shot 'Take'

The main part of the comic attempts to replicate a one-take camera shot like in the movies 1917 or Children of Men, but of course because this is not an animation but a comic, it relies on the reader slipping through the images at their own pace. This comic works best on PC with Adobe Acrobat Reader, or any other PDF reader that allows you to instantly skip through the pages to get the flip-book animation effect. I hope it works for you and I sincerely hope you enjoy the comic!

Surprise Comic Teaser!!

As a present for everyone that has been waiting for so long, I included a juicy comic teaser for a comic I've been planning for years. I rendered some of it back in 2016 and decided to show some of it now. The whole thing needs a total re-render but it's still quite nice and I'm sure some of you will love it. It is a little bit 'edgy', and the completed version will be even more so, maybe some of you won't be into that. But for now, please enjoy it and certainly let me know what you thought of it!!!!!!!!


This download contains:
- Erogenesis2022-02- Erogirls - Blondes Prefer Gentlemen (Rotica).pdf
- Number of Pages: 578 (548 without recap and titles)
- Image Quality: High, 1920 x 1000 (pages: 1920 x 1047)
Bonus files:
- <<Surprise Comic Teaser>>

Free files (see below):
- Erogenesis2020-00a- Erogirls - Press Conference and Home Tour.pdf
- Erogenesis2020-00b- Erogirls - Millerstreet Photoshoot.pdf
(loads more at the bottom of the page!!!)
All girls are 18+ University age girls. More information on my profile.

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Erogirls - Blondes prefer Gentlemen

SKU: 66619
By: Erogenesis

Errol calls Clips for backup when confronted by a herd of horny girls during a photoshoot that went off the rails. Very quickly, the two 'blondes' claim him and drag him into a room!


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