Lali Lite 1 - The Gentlemen's Club
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Hey, are you looking for a comic that will get you aroused and make you laugh at the same time? Or are you perhaps looking for a nice long erotic story that has a fun dose of believablilty injected into it? or might you be looking for more funny and sexy antics by your favourite CGI heroine Lali? Or are you a crazy artist that wants to get inspired by another, even crazier artist?

Tell you what, you probably came to the right place! 

  • 198 pages of running, joking and sex!
  • Large multi- and single-panelled pages (1746 x 1200)
  • hundreds of erogenesis quality renders
  • very detailed sets and environments
  • LOTS of sex! LOTS of fun! Orgy, bisexual, blowjobs.
  • Cameos and surprises by other artists
  • Several new girls (2 of which get 'involved')
  • and several hints of things to come

467.jpg LALI:

Born in Senegal from a French father and Italian Mother, raised and nationalised in the US after her 14th birthday, Lali is on a mission of her own. Partly inspired by her father's role in various convert opterations with the French Foreign Legion, and by her experiences in Senegal and Sierra Leone, Lali wants to get involved in similar operations. But she's forced to study by her dad, before taking any steps towards such a life. Laila, her sister, studies in Cambridge while Lali studies in Washington. But In 2006, Lali, goes to Cambridge as an exchange student... Cambridge will probably never forget her...


This story looks back on Lali's life before her 'Black Desk' adventures, where instead of running around dodging bullets and having sex with unsuspecting but super-dangerous villains, she runs around dodging angry professors and has sex with unsuspecting gentlemen on the University campus, while pulling the naughtiest pranks conceivable, and getting everyone around her in trouble... but will she get away with it?
It should be an amusing insight into the merciless psyche of the most unrepentant brat in the realm of sex: Lali, who is based on real girls I know.


Before this, the three other comics about Lali were about her getting involved with the shadier side of Fox Intelligence Services, called Black Desk. Since the comic CODE 10 she has been training and assessed for missions perfectly suited for someone like Lali. These Lali Lites will give extra insight into who this crazy girl is, and why she might be suitable for the covert missions Black Desk will have in store for her.


Since the release of Lali's Bits, things have been crazy, mostly in a good way! The bits forced me in all sorts of directions and brought me in contact with lots of very helpful people, people that showed me new ways of doing things but also helped me understand my own work better than before. Since January 2013 I've been hanging out at various places that have inspired me to improve my game. 
But the Bits also brought lots of challenges and changes with it that consumed me for the most of 2013 such that I couldn't concentrate on making a comic. Hopefully this will have changed now and I can return to improving my comic output. 
Like mentioned on my blog and in the comic, the 'Lite' part of the title might at first not make sense, but since it is the first in the series, and since there's a LOT of stuff coming in this series, I needed a long comic to introduce you all to the whole concept. Also, I confess, I just really enjoyed making this outrageous story. But hopefully future comics will be more 'lite'... and thus more plentiful. 

People hoping for Project E might be worried now, but that's not entirely necessary. Sure, I will concentrate more on comic-making, but I also feel the need to replace my V4 with a better system. Indeed there are various good figures out there right now, but none are a real improvement over V4 concerning what I need them for. To cut a long story short: I need Project E, so it will come... just don't ask me when!

Written and rendered by Erogenesis
Dialog in the classroom made up by Epoch
Product is available in PDF format, readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0. The product will be packaged in a ZIP file. These files can be unpacked my Windows standard compression handler, or other applications such as WinZIP, WinRAR, or WinACE.

If you wish to make suggestions, or if you wish to complement me, if you have a complaint of any kind, or if you just wanna say hi, feel free to contact me through
Also feel free to tell anyone about this comic, or about my website: If you wish to write a review, no problem at all, let me know though!
Please please please keep this copy for yourself. If you wish to show other people my work, you can find loads and loads and loads of free stuff on my website, my picasa, on Art of Darkness, or here on Renderotica itself.

Very special thanks to Andrew from Renderotica, KristinF, Epoch, my fans at Renderotica, Hier and the gang from Art of Darkness, Miro and Supro at Affect3D, all my art buddies, Darkseed, Apocalypse, Nakedfunn, HZR, etc... old and new customers, girlfriend, friends and family.



Lali Lite 1 - The Gentlemen's Club

SKU: 42130
By: Erogenesis

Lali wreaks havok during her time in university, getting herself and everyone else in trouble, in a very sexy way. A story guaranteed to put a smile on your face, or a happy in your pants...


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