Thomas Tergel's Glory Glory Hallelujah
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Obedience School continues with Glory Glory Hallelujah

Thomas Tergel's Obedience School continues with the first of the slaves' nightly Gloryhole competition. They have two hours to see how many cocks that they can successfully bring off that are pushed through their hole in the wall. By successfully, we mean they have to swallow everything that their Masters pump into their mouths - or face the painful consequences (which some will). Each whore's performance is graded on a test sheet, then tallied at the end of the competition. A winner is announced and allowed to sleep quietly throughout the night. The loser gets gangbanged - anally, as all the other whores are forced to watch. The guys who didn't come in the allotted time each take their turn with Amy as she's bent over a table and held down.

This chapter contains:
Humiliation on every page
Gloryhole action
Cattle-prod to pussy torture
Forced fellatio
Forced cum-swallowing
multiple tit whipping scenes
Ball gag
Tit shaking
Big cocks
Long forced anal gangbang scene
Cum on back
Cum on tits

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Thomas Tergel's Glory Glory Hallelujah

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By: Thomas Tergel

Obedience School continues with Glory-Glory-Hallelujah


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