Thomas Tergel's Slave Auction Chapter Three
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Our Slave Auction saga continues with the 3rd and 4th slaves being sold as a pair to some lucky bidder. Anna and Becca are now front and center as they’re forced to strip for the rowdy crowd. After Becca bares her gorgeous tits, Anna stalls and then foolishly tries to escape, running down the halls in her bra and panties.

When she’s captured she begs them not spank her like the others… They comply, instead whipping her for the cheering crowd. Anna is in agony, but Becca finds her situation wildly exciting. Becca just wishes that she had previously shaved her pussy and is humiliated as she’s made to bare it, then spread her hairy clam for the disgusted crowd. She’s made to shave it for everyone, and then Anna is forced to lick it. Becca finds herself wildly turned on as Anna licks. Becca can’t help herself, but comes violently, against her Masters’ orders.

She’s then whipped… By Anna, for disobeying. After her whipping the two are forced to kiss and make up. The bidding continues as one lucky bastard bids the most. After he purchases them both, Becca is made to suck her new Master’s cock (a job she seems to relish) and ordered not to dare spit it out… or even swallow his ejaculate. Instead she’s made to spit it into a disgusted Anna’s mouth (after a tit-thrashing to coerce her), where she’s forced to swallow it all.

This chapter contains:

Humiliation on every page
Slave auction
Bouncing tits
Forced to strip in front of bidding audience
Male on female Whipping scenes
Female-on-female whipping
Two slaves sold together
Tit whipping
Forced to spread legs
Forced public shaving of hairy bush
Forced female-on-female cunninglingus
Female orgasm
Forced cum-swapping

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Thomas Tergel's Slave Auction Chapter Three

SKU: 61012
By: Thomas Tergel

The slave auction continues with the sale of Becca and Anna.


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