2019 FREE XMAS GIFT - Blackmaled & Body Ride


This Christmas celebrate in style with these two freebies from Sexy3DComics and Gonzo Studios


Blackmaled Christmas Special:
Find out how Karen and Kevin from Blackmaled Season 1 are celebrating the holidays.

Body Rides, Episode 1:
This was released early 2019 as a commercial product and was pulled from sale due to me having some doubts about if the project was what I had set out to create, earlier this month I sat down and re read it and I think it has a lot of potential, so I'm including it in the Christmas pack for free - if you like it let me know and if enough of you want to see more then I will do the rest in 2020.

Sexy3DComics / Gonzo Studios Catalogue:
A quick look at what I have released this year, if you like anything you will find the story available as individual episodes or as a specially priced bundle. 



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2019 FREE XMAS GIFT - Blackmaled & Body Ride

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By: Sexy3DComics

Have a Merry Xmas from Gonzo Studios and Sexy3DComics with our special Christmas freebies


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