An Empress Lost
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CaptainTrips presents: An Empress Lost - Book 24 of the Empress Chronicles
In this issue:
Acantha and Lydia are captured by forest ogres and then sold to the Deadwalkers.
Octavia continues with taking over Lydia’s tasks.
Octavia and Nova enjoy a romp together.
Harian sends Marius up north to address concerns of two norther towns. In his absence,
Petronious temporarily takes over 1st chair of the consul. He threatens to halt the harbor
project unless Octavia submits to his desires.
More intrigue and lots of sex fill the 217 pages of ‘An Empress Lost’
What’s included:
Pages: 217  sigle/double panel
Image quality: High Quality
Format: PDF
File Size:  approx  111 mb
    This comic contains sexual situations.  MF, MMF, FF, oral, anal, forced sex, double penetration.
Rated X for Mature Adults. This comic deals with mature situations. It is not intended nor suitable for minors. The author is not responsible for minors obtaining access to this graphic novel.
The comic is delivered in a ZIP file. Extract the file to any folder of your choice. The comic can be view with Adobe Reader or other PDF reader. Image viewer needed to view additional images.
This comic is copyrighted 2018 and cannot be altered or reposted without the author’s consent.



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An Empress Lost

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CaptainTrips presents: An Empress Lost - Book 24 of the Empress Chronicles


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