Whispers Of Deceit
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CaptainTrips presents: Whispers of Deceit - Book 21 of the Empress Chronicles

While Lydia waits for the results of the harbor tax, she finds out that her new prisoner Sabina isn’t what she appears to be.

Lydia believes Sabina’s uniqueness brings opportunity and she decides to train her as a pleasure slave.

Octavia and Harian continue to meet behind Lydia’s back and Marius finds he really likes to watch his wife with another man.

Acantha is incensed when she finds out that Sabina has been imprisoned. Lydia has her punished for her insolence.

Diona and Jargus struggle to find a way to help Acantha and Sabina.

More intrigue and lots of sex fill the 214 pages of ‘Whispers of Deceit’.

What’s included:

Pages: 214 pages composed of more than 350 renders.
Image quality: High Quality
Format: PDF
File Size:  approx.  65 MB



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Whispers Of Deceit

SKU: 57214
By: captaintrips

Fortune is smiling on the Empress, and Lydia continues to let nothing stop in her way. But does she have the loyalty of those around her?


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