L.I.E. Sound Punishment Overlays For G8F
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L.I.E. Sound Punishment Overlays for Genesis 8 Female

A package of 22 different L.I.E. presets showing spanking bruises on
your Genesis 8 girls. It adds visual proof that they receive proper
discipline. L.I.E. presets are easy to use without opening the
layered image editor in DAZ studio or texture editing in Photoshop.
The product is based on high-resolution texture sets that portray the
effect of five types of punishment tools: Hand, Strap, Paddle, Cane
and Whip.

These texture overlays are mostly transparent and placed on a
geometry shell which works for any Genesis 8 Female. Just load the
geoshell on the figure and select one or more overlays. They are
stackable, meaning multiple overlays can be active at the
same time. E.g. give her a proper whipping on the back, the tits and
on the bottom. Sometimes this is just what she needs ...
The intensity of the punishment can be adjusted using the opacity
slider in the geoshell surface settings.

The PBR texture sets were created with substance painter according to
real life references. Every set contains base color, grayscale bump,
normal, roughness and opacity map. This ensures realistic appearance
for any lighting and camera scenario.

There are skin blending presets for the following characters:
Genesis 8 Base
Victoria 8
Olympia 8
Monique 8
By selecting the right blending preset, the overlays will appear
authentic on any character with a skin tone that is close to the
corresponding characters' skin tone.
This covers most of the Genesis 8 characters out there.

When using the overlays on a character with a distinctly different
skin tone, the surface settings of the geoshell may have to be
adjusted manually. This is easy when following the instructions in
the readme document under 'Tips'.

The product also includes 'mirror presets', that load the L.I.E.
overlays flipped horizontally. This creates the appearance that
the strokes were applied from the other direction. Mirrored and
not mirrored overlays can be combined freely.

All materials use the Iray Uber shader. All promo images were
rendered with Iray.

Support files are included for easy integration into the Daz Studio
product library with metadata (smart content).



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.10
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8Genesis 8 Female

L.I.E. Sound Punishment Overlays For G8F

SKU: 59728
By: FemTec

A package of 22 different L.I.E. presets showing spanking bruises on your Genesis 8 girls. It adds visual proof that they receive proper discipline. Works with any G8F character.


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