Lali Lite 3 - Disco Dragon - Part 2
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Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fellow artists, valued fans, honorable friends and esteemed pervs, the story will now continue! My sincerest apologies to all the Lali fans out there that had to wait so long for this comic. The issues that caused the delay have been dealt with and I have already started rendering part 3 of the Disco Dragon. I hope I can get another Lali production out by Christmas. But for now, I proudly present to you: Part 2 of the Disco Dragon!


The first hints of this adventure have been around since 2013, ever since Christina first appeared, and has been mentioned in two previous comics. In part 1 all six of the main Ero Girls* prepare to go to the Disco Dragon, where three famous DJ's will be performing. On the way there Lali decides that Christina has to have sex that night, and she starts making plans to make this happen... but she quickly finds out that it won't be easy in a crowded Disco. So she needs to find a perfect isolated spot where she can match Christina to a DJ: the VIP room!!!

But to get there, she makes a deal with the manager of the Disco Dragon, who has had his eye on one of his barmaids, Roxanna, the hard-headed bisexual with piercings and army boots, and would like to have a trio with Lali and her. One problem though: Roxanna has zero chemistry with the manager. Will Lali succeed? And will this bring her closer to getting Christina laid?

*see updated Character Bios provided with 
part 1.
I sincerely hope you enjoy this comic! This is probably as much fun for me as it is for you. I cannot wait to see what you guys think of it. TIP: read it through the first time like you would any other comic. Then, read it a second time, but then pay attention to the expressions and body language of the other characters as Lali does her thing (especially Laila). The same actually applies for part 1.
Be sure to download everything there is to download about this series!! (see Disco Dragon part 1).
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As you saw in part 1 of the Disco Dragon (free), Lali decided that Christina needs to have sex that night. How far will Lali go to get the biggest nerd in Cambridge laid??? Find out in part 2!


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