Carey Carter Origins Issue 1
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                ISSUE 1!! ...Studio AD presents...
        Every heroine needs an origin story! A young
 woman named Carey carter ventures out into the big city
 seeking to make her name as the best escape artist and stunt woman
 to ever live, struggling to pay the bills she finds herself at
 the seedy bondage establishment called the red viper club...her ticket out and to
 the big time.....if she can survive the audition !

NOTE- comic  contains  alternative endings with scenes
of extreme gore vore and violence, recommended for mature readers only 

Number Of pages: 40 + 20 bonus image set 
Image Quality: high resolution
Image Size: 2100x3150
Image Format: PDF
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                     Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader

Installation: Simply unzip the folder to your directory of choice



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Carey Carter Origins Issue 1

SKU: 55355
By: Studio_AD

Welcome to the adventures of Carey Carter! Renowned magician and escape artist, the woman no bandage can hold, these are the tales of her legendary perilous predicaments and performances…



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