Unusual Furniture Fur Materials
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This Materials Package was created as an add on for Synfulmindz's Unusual Furniture product.

This package contains 10 unique fur material sets for all 5 chairs

Furs materials include:

Black Bear
Brown Bear
Panther Black
Panther White* (Only available for some chairs)
Short Brown Fur
Short Red Fur

Also included are 6 Table Materials

Table Materials Include:

Black Leather
Brown Pattern Leather
Red Leather,
White Leather
Wood 1
Wood 2 Wicker (Or "Tiki")

to install, just unzip to your poser runtime directory using the paths
and this file will install.

If you wish to manually install the files unzip to a directory and copy
/ paste the folders into their proper places,  IE Textures, Materials etc.

This product REQUIRES Synfulmindz's Unusual Furniture. if you do not own it
you can use the link below to purchase it:

Synfulmindz Unusual Furniture

Check the sample images to see what's included in this package.

Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 6 and up.
Daz Studio 4.6.3
Synfulmindz Unusual Furniture



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.6
PoserPoser 6

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(Synfulmindz Unusual Furniture)

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Unusual Furniture Fur Materials

SKU: 46006
By: Loki

this Materials Package created as an add on for Synfulmindz's Unusual Furniture product.


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