Transparent Frames
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Loki's Vendor Helper Graphics Edition: "Transparent Image Frames"

Loki has Created 146 high quailty transparent image frames in three sizes, use them in your finished artwork, as frames for your next product, or import them into poser to use in your rendes where you need to spruce up a wall with some artwork.

Also included are 12 more bonus frames in various colors and 3 sizes and 8 transparent glass textures to make your finished art or renders look even more real.

Number Of unique frames: 146
Number Of bonus textures: 20 unique / 67 total
Image Quality: 3 Hi Res sizes
Image Sizes: 1920x1080  1600x900  1024x576
Image Format: .png
System Requirements: WinZIP or other unzipping utility
                                     Any photo editing software that can manipulate PNG files

Installation: Simply Download the frame sizes you need and unzip the folder to your directory of choice.

Frames are split into 3 downloads by their size, the bonus download includes all bonus content in all 3 sizes.



Application Compatibility

Other ProgramsOther(Any photo editing software that can manipulate PNG files)

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Transparent Frames

SKU: 45780
By: Loki

Loki has created 146 transparent image frames for your next project.


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