Crom131's Ancient Loathsome Denizen's  for M4
Ant-Den-Avert-Bomus-Content-(1).jpg For-Advert-images-(1).jpg Group-pull-(1).jpg Proto-ALD-(1).jpg Scaled-ALD-face-Body-Form-(2).jpg Smooth-ALD-face-(1).jpg Smooth-ALD-faceBody-(1).jpg Smooth-or-Scaled-ALD-face-(1).jpg


The Sumerian Tablets of the creation epic of Man foretell when only the gods existed and they depended solely on themselves and their lesser servants the Igigi known as Loathsome Denizen's to toil and plunder the world of KI  for their nourishment and Greed at that time KI was the pre-dawn of man name for the Planet Earth and KI had all that was needed by the gods.The three highest-ranking gods known as  Anu the king of gods and his two sons Enlil, and Enki decided amongst themselves who would rule over the environments on ki. Anu ascended to heaven, Enlil remained on Earth with the help of a few Anunnaki and the Igigi who served the ruling Overseer Anunnaki and the royal family of Enlil and Enki, Enki went down beneath the Earth and under the ocean to manage and create New forms of life .As for a creation of man myth epic, it is fitting that the story focuses primarily on the path of Enlil on Earth who was overseeing  the laborious efforts of the lesser Anunnaki gods with the assistance of those who served the ruler Anunnaki known as the Igigi. The Igigi who took to the task of the digging of irrigation channels and mining of  minerals for the ruling Anunnaki to take back to Anu the king of gods, after some time the Igigi had Grown restless to the fact that they could not serve the Anunnaki like they were accustomed to, many Igigi rebelled and refused  to keep allegiance to thier Anunnaki rulers and began to oppose by force the established ruling authority of the Anunnaki and placed in power several their own kind.The ancient Sumerians tablets then skip ahead 40 "periods"   to a time when the lesser ruling Anunnaki gods had set fire to destroy their tools and mutinied between themselves because of the lack of help they had in keeping the multitude of Igigi under their rule. it was at  that time that lesser ruling Anunnaki gods had devised a plan to surround the house of Enlil and demand the easing of their efforts to place the Igigi in order, The lesser ruling Anunnaki gods who placed pressure on Enlil wanted their servants the Igigi back to performing the tasks of Serving them like they did once before , And Enlil enraged by the misconduct demanded that the instigator of the riots be punished by death of its physical form and to be placed into the land of ancient Sumer within the deepest part of the ocean to Sleep the sleep of the dreaming till the time of judgement.The wise Enki then stepped foreword and proposed  
 Man be created with the assistance of the mother goddess Ishtar to take over the burden of the gods.They agreed unanimously, and, using clay, Enki and Mami- Ishtar created Man, who were then born to 14 birth goddesses after a ten-month gestation period.In The end We have the Ancient Loathsome Denizen's and Proto Man  

You get two species of of Denizen and One bonus Proto man.

all morphs were made in Z-Brush 4 and corrected in C4D              
Important compatiblity statement:              
M4 Morphs+++ Not Required
 Poser 4 and Up and has been tested in Poser 2012

Crom131 Ancient Loathsome Denizen's for M4 PDF Instruction Manual included.
             you will need Adobe Reader 9 and up
you can obtain it at:


certain extreme facial expressions will need tweaking in upper jaw
 and lower jaw X and Z traslation so the Figure teeth do not pop through the
 bottom lip or upper lip. but I added a face fix and it works well.
*This product is ment to be used within Poser.
*This product is ment to be used with M4 base and
      can be used with H4 base figure.

Files included in the Product:

Crom131 Ancient Loathsome Denizen's  for M4.Files List:

Body Mat Scales.png
Body Mat Scales.pz2
Body Mat Skin.png
Body Mat Skin.pz2
Body Mat Smooth.png
Body Mat Smooth.pz2
Canines Teeth INJ.png
Canines Teeth INJ.pz2
Canines Teeth REM.png
Canines Teeth REM.pz2
Face Fix.png
Face Fix.pz2
Full Body Scale INJ.png
Full Body Scale INJ.pz2
Full Body Scale REM.png
Full Body Scale REM.pz2
Gen Fix.png
Gen Fix.pz2
Gen Mat Scales.png
Gen Mat Scales.pz2
Gen Mat Skin.png
Gen Mat Skin.pz2
Gen Mat Smooth.png
Gen Mat Smooth.pz2
Head Scale INJ.png
Head Scale INJ.pz2
Head Scale REM.png
Head Scale REM.pz2
Limb Scale INJ.png
Limb Scale INJ.pz2
Limb Scale REM.png
Limb Scale REM.pz2
Loathsome Body INJ.png
Loathsome Body INJ.pz2
Loathsome Body REM.png
Loathsome Body REM.pz2
Loathsome CH Mat.png
Loathsome CH Mat.pz2
Loathsome Head INJ.png
Loathsome Head INJ.pz2
Loathsome Head REM.png
Loathsome Head REM.pz2
Loathsome PH Mat.png
Loathsome PH Mat.pz2
Proto Body  INJ.png
Proto Body  INJ.pz2
Proto Body  REM.png
Proto Body  REM.pz2
Proto Chest Hair Fix.png
Proto Chest Hair Fix.pz2
Proto Face Fix.png
Proto Face Fix.pz2
Proto Head REM.png
Proto Head REM.pz2

Loathsome Chest Hair.png
Loathsome Chest Hair.pp2
Loathsome Pubes.png
Loathsome Pubes.pp2

LS Beast 2  4096X templates-Face.jpg
LS Beast 2  4096X templates-Limbs.jpg
LS Beast 2  4096X templates-Torso.jpg
LS Beast Proto Gen.jpg
LS JBMProto Gen.jpg
LS Proto  4096X templates-Face.jpg
LS Proto  4096X templates-Limbs.jpg
LS Proto  4096X templates-Torso.jpg
LSCrom1Gen Tras.jpg




Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4

Crom131's Ancient Loathsome Denizen's for M4

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By: Crom131

The Sumerian Tablets of the creation epic of Man foretell when only the gods existed and they depended solely on themselves and their lesser servants the Igigi known as Loathsome Denizen's to toil and plunder the world of KI for their nourishment and Greed at that time KI was the pre-dawn of m



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