Crom131's  Gray 2.0 Alien morph Kit
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It is a biochemical as well as a psychological process, used as a mood-elevator. The beings known as the grays have large heads, which resemble embryos and average about four and half feet in height. They are from a solar system that revolves around Rigel.

Rigel is a double bluish-white star on the left foot of Orion, about 800 light years from Earth. They have problems with their glands, particularly with their sebaceous glands, which make it difficult for them to digest food. These glandular problems were caused mainly by exposure to radioactivity during a nuclear war their race fought in the distant past, many thousands of years ago.There are two types of Gray, The large Overlord Grays and the smaller cloned big-headed Grays The large Overlord Grays use smaller cloned big-headed Grays to perform abduction and examination work.

It is these Grays that abductees run into most of the time and It is this type of Small Gray humanoid that is performing most of the animal mutilations and human abductions, their Goal is to
take Biological products that are gathered from abductions for other genetic work unknown, and the known which includes cloning, DNA enrichment,and cross-breeding with human beings. A secret deal with our government and other governments within this universe and other Multiple Universes within this dimensional timeline have been made and the Grays use it to its fullest.

The small Grey clones perform biological work which necessitates the termination of various species on the surface of the Earth and other earth like worlds, which is not governed or protected under the treaty made with the US government. Underground installations are the only sovereign areas under the treaty that grays are allowed to Inhabi to work, but they break rules and are adept in doing so.

Within This Package: You will have the ability to leave the gray 2.0 at normal M4 size which is known as Overlord size and the known height of a tall grays or the superior larger gray but you can add a custom body morph I made that gives him that ripped a lean look it can be applied to small scale Gray Drone Clone as well. You will as well get a scale size morph that makes your M4 the size that a Drone Clone small Gray Drone worker would be. since Grays have been for some time "A" Sexual I have successfully added a M4 female alien injection to package sonow you will be able to have the best of both worlds.

M4 Fem body injects female classic wide hipped big breasted female form to M4, and I added to the Inject script in the Chest parameters a Gray 2.0 Breast Size Dial in a separate channel under the main Fem Body dial inject,one Gray 2.0 Head inject, One Default pose so when scaling down your gray you can have him on the floor without messing with you translation dial, one Gen Fix for M4 Gens,two Gen Mats, two Body Mats Gray base and Blue Black , five Eye mats for custom eyes that are smartproped to head,one large eyes for large gray one small sized smartprop eyes for small gray, one Face fix inject for internal face that works as well to fix any pose static that commonly happens with some body poses from third party poses. one talon inject, one canine inject ,Two second Skin Body outfits Overlord and Drone,smartprop bracer one for right forarm one for left,one smartproped mind link collar and Bonus content *Void Outfit. *(see in Images. Files included in the Product: Crom131 Gray 2.0 Alien morph Kit.

Files List: \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_Gray_2.0 Default pose.png Default pose.pz2 Gen Blue Black.png Gen Blue Black.pz2 Gen Fix.png Gen Fix.pz2 Gray 2.0 Body INJ.png Gray 2.0 Body INJ.pz2 Gray 2.0 Body REM.png Gray 2.0 Body REM.pz2 Gray 2.0 Body Scale.png Gray 2.0 Body Scale.pz2 Gray 2.0 Canines INJ.png Gray 2.0 Canines INJ.pz2 Gray 2.0 Canines REM.png Gray 2.0 Canines REM.pz2 Gray 2.0 Head INJ.png Gray 2.0 Head INJ.pz2 Gray 2.0 Head REM.png Gray 2.0 Head REM.pz2 Gray 2.0 Talons INJ.png Gray 2.0 Talons INJ.pz2 Gray 2.0 Talons REM.png Gray 2.0 Talons REM.pz2 Gray Gen Base.png Gray Gen Base.pz2 Gray2.0 Blue Black Mat.png Gray2.0 Blue Black Mat.pz2 Gray2.0 Fem Body INJ.png Gray2.0 Fem Body INJ.pz2 Gray2.0 Fem Body REM.png Gray2.0 Fem Body REM.pz2 Gray2.0Base Mat.png Gray2.0Base Mat.pz2 Internal Face Fix.png Internal Face Fix.pz2 Outfit Drone.png Outfit Drone.pz2 Outfit Overlord.png Outfit Overlord.pz2 Gray 2.0 Eye Mats: Folder Gray2.0 Bonus: Folder \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_Gray_2.0\Gray2.0 Bonus Black Void Outfit.png Black Void Outfit.pz2 Bracer Black Void.png Bracer Black Void.pz2 \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Crom131_Gray_2.0\Gray 2.0 Eye Mats Gray2.0Eyes NR Black.png Gray2.0Eyes NR Black.pz2 Gray2.0Eyes reflective Black .png Gray2.0Eyes reflective Black .pz2 Gray2.0Eyes reflective Green .png Gray2.0Eyes reflective Green .pz2 Gray2.0Eyes reflective Red .png Gray2.0Eyes reflective Red .pz2 Gray2.0Eyes reflective White .png Gray2.0Eyes reflective White .pz2 \Runtime\Libraries\Props\Crom131_Gray_2.0 Eyes Large Gray.png Eyes Large Gray.pp2 Eyes Small Gray.png Eyes Small Gray.pp2 Left arm.png Left arm.pp2 Mind Helm.png Mind Helm.pp2 Mind Link Collar.png Mind Link Collar.pp2 Right arm.png Right arm.pp2 \Runtime\Geometries\Crom131_ Gray2.0 Eyes Template.obj Left arm.obj Mind Helm.obj Mind Link Collar.obj Right arm.obj \Runtime\Textures\Crom131_M4 Amebite Cromx.jpg Flat.jpg Gray_Gen Tran.jpg M4 Amebite-Face.jpg M4 Gray Lip-Face.jpg M4 Gray_2.0 BB-body.jpg M4 Gray_2.0 BB-Face.jpg M4 Gray_2.0 BB-limbs copy.jpg M4 Gray_2.0 NT-body.jpg M4 Gray_2.0 NT-Face.jpg M4 Gray_2.0 NT-limbs copy.jpg M4 Its-Flesh BB.jpg M4 Its-Flesh.jpg Reflcrom.jpg all morphs were made in Z-Brush 4 and corrected in C4D Important compatibility statement: M4 Morphs+++ Not Required Poser 4 and Up and has been tested in Poser 2012

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4

Crom131's Gray 2.0 Alien morph Kit

SKU: SKU30047
By: Crom131

The Grays are as well known as the Rigellans are almost entirely devoid of emotions, but can obtain a second-hand 'high´┐Ż by telepathically tuning in to different kinds of intense human evolution, such as ecstasy or agony. This is not done for the purpose of sadistic gratification, as most of them a



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