Crom131's  Ecstasy Circuit Pleasure Android Kit
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The attempt of the Re-commissioning the new NC.-12 android, an implementation of newly added precautionary measures had to be made. To avert possible malfunction of a Positronic operating core, and to secure good results, a new design was placed on the blackboard.

Nano technology was reaching new heights like never before. In the year 2044, Robotics Nano Technicians and Holographers developed a way in which Nanites could be made into holographic Programmed contained forms that would act like a virtual hard disk drive. This breakthrough created a Positronic operating core that was self contained and efficient within each new individual NC.-12 android.

Each NC.-12 was designed with the ability for learning the human virtues of compassion, empathy and sympathy in order to understand the suffering of others in need. in regard to the empathic concept of love itself and other complex emotions.
NC.-12 also found a duality counterpart to its existence named by its own Positronic operating core called Xta-C. The Nanites would alter the outer weather resistant shell to maintain a holographic Physical body that could replicate the needs of others. The new digital omnidirectional nano holo-diode not only projected an emotional body high,  it could simulate synthetic artificial skin similar to human skin to create a responsible use for several vital biological functions found in humans who needed companionship.

All new NC.-12 androids are made and registered by the main government in Charge and all are shipped out to one and all as a gesture of the Government’s Good Helper Faith policy to restore the Populations need for assistance and companionship.

•    Crom131's Ecstasy Circuit Pleasure Android kit Body and prop design was made using Z-brush 4.0 & C4D.
•    Custom shader designed within Poser Pro and developed in poser Pro advanced 2012
•    Textures were made in Adobe Photoshop
•    Important compatibility statement: V4 morphs++ not needed Poser 4 and Up
•    Tested in Poser 2012
•    This product is meant to be used with V4 Base Figure for Victoria 4. But can be used with any figure that has Mat taking compatibility Like DAZ 3D - Aiko 4 Base, and has size and proportion value similar to V4 with adjustments made in Parameters tab for figure or props.
The ecstasy circuit pleasure Android Kit product comes with gen support mats and fix's for Darkseal’s Pleasure Box and Arduino's V4.2 WWG UPDATED  Only The Ecstasy Circuit Pleasure Mat Injections for Gen's support and Fix's are. *Please note that this product can be used as well without gen's as I added a smartprop  Glow Gen to props folder that if used on the body when combined with DarkSeal’s Pleasure Box Gives a lovely internal look to DarkSeal’s Pleasure Box.

NOTE::"Darkseal’s Pleasure Box and Arduino's V4.2 WWG UPDATED are not included within this product". Ecstasy circuit pleasure Android Kit product comes with gen support mats and fixes only for Darkseal’s Pleasure Box and Arduino's V4.2 WWG UPDATED.



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

Crom131's Ecstasy Circuit Pleasure Android Kit

SKU: SKU29939
By: Crom131

In the Year 2040, humanity realized that the population and government of man depended on the NS Version decommissioned Android Helpers too much to decommission them.



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